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Romancetale.com Site Review 2024 – Reliable Website or Scam?

Romancetale.com Site Review 2024 – Reliable Website or Scam?
  • Zero tolerance to fraud
  • Reliable payment protection
  • High-quality profiles
  • Reply rate 93%
  • Free registration
  • Free membership limits on viewing profiles and sending messages

Main features of Romancetale.com website

Romancetale.com dating site was founded nearly five years ago and has gained a good reputation since then. Romance Tale is one of the most visited services of such class. The site is positioned in the dating service market as a specialized portal for searching Asian brides. The resource provides excellent service for over 180,000 registered mะตn and women at Romance Tale. Imagine what prospects can open up before you. You get a real chance to find your ideal partner. The database of womenโ€™s profiles is on the other and contains information about ladies from many eastern countries. However, the main focus is made on the selection of women from Korea, Japan, and China.

Advanced features

All dating sites are made on the same principle and likeness. Nevertheless, each dating service tries to give itself some peculiarity. The romancetale.com website also has certain advanced features that make it special. Letโ€™s see what these features are. Well, firstly, the site allows you to give your girlfriend a virtual gift. These manifestations of attention are more fun, but any girl will be pleased to know what you think about her. Virtual gifts are a great indicator of your interest in a woman.

Secondly, you will be able to send a more material gift. These can be flowers or any other gift that you wish. Be sure this gesture will amaze your lady and show her the full power of your feelings. Did you know that Japanese women love to receive small gifts?

Third, the romancetale.com website is ready to help if you decide to move from online communication to real meetings. All that will be required of you is to send an invitation to the meeting through a special form. If suddenly your lady does not come to a meeting or cancel her, the site guarantees a refund. Romance Tale reviews make it clear that the platform focuses on providing paid services.



The ways to communicate with women on the site are no different from the methods of communication on similar sites dating service. These are a trusted and reliable chat, which is the most common way to communicate, and email, which is used less frequently. Choose which of the options you like the best. The chat allows you to exchange short messages and is more emotionally loaded. It should be noted separately that women from China prefer the chat for communication.

An email will allow you to write more romantic and informative messages, and you will look very attractive in the eyes of your chosen one. It will be appropriate to note that young girls mostly prefer chat and more mature women choose email.

I would like to note that both chat and email are perfectly integrated into the structure of the romancetale.com website. Even beginners will not have difficulty using these means of communication. We should also note the convenient design of the chat window. The ergonomics of the controls makes chatting very enjoyable.

Ease of use

Readers of the romancetale.com reviews have already become aware that this service simplifies the process of dating and communicating with Asian ladies to the maximum. The ergonomics of the site is extremely thoughtful and allows novice users to feel confident in the resource. However, if necessary, customer service is always ready to assist each member. It should be noted that the support service is working 24/7. The first steps of each user of any dating sites begin with registration. The registration procedure on the romancetale.com website is as simple as possible. You will need to specify a name, gender, age, and email. Just a few clicks and you become a member of Romance Tale and get access to a detailed database of women.

Well, of course, for a successful search for women, you must provide a little more information about yourself. However, you can fill out questionnaires with additional data after registration. Questionnaires are simple forms with basic information for optimizing your partnerโ€™s search. The first questionnaire will contain information about you, your life, hobbies, and tastes. Moreover, the second questionnaire will collect information about the type of woman you are looking for. Everything said in the romancetale.com reviews convincingly proves that Romance Tale is a convenient and simple site for searching beauties.

Pricing on Romancetale.com dating site

What credit packages are available on romancetale.com site?

It is fair to say that the resource offers a flexible system of credit packages. You can see the basic rates below:

20 credits
$ 2.99
50 credits
$ 19.99
125 credits
$ 49.99
250 credits
$ 69.99
750 credits
$ 149.99

Obviously, the prices on the romancetale.com website are quite affordable and allow users to choose between packages for novice members and packages for experienced community members. A package for $9.99 is perfect for a user who takes his first steps on the site. A package for $149.99 will allow an experienced participant to save money.

What features are provided for free?

As mentioned in the review, readers have already figured out that creating your profile and registering is free. A free option is also the ability to view womenโ€™s profiles. Basically, this list of free services ends. That is, you can register for free, evaluate for yourself whether you like the site, and get acquainted with the profiles of the ladies. Then it would be best if you decided whether you are willing to pay a certain amount for the opportunity to use all the features of the site.

What features are fee-based?

The main functions of the site, except for registering and viewing female profiles are paid. Chat, as the main way of communication between the participants of the Romance Tale, is paid only for men. Women can use the chat for free. All additional services in the form of sending virtual or material gifts, and organizing a meeting with the women are also paid.


Matchmaking algorithms

So when you register, you fill out two forms. As you probably already understood, the information that is recorded in these forms is the key to finding matches. The first questionnaire contains data about the user, which describe his age, basic character traits, and habits. This is very important data, and the more accurately you describe yourself, the more successful will the result of the search engine be. The second form contains information with the characteristics of a woman that you would like to find. This profile also plays a very important role in the search algorithm. The search algorithm itself is a sophisticated analytical program that examines all the profiles of women and offers you applicants who suit you the best.

Search tools

The search tools presented on romancetale.com site are no different from similar tools on other dating sites. The user has a choice between simple and advanced search options. A simple search allows you to search for matches by age criterion and therefore is quite primitive.

Advanced search allows you to use several filters and searches for matches more accurate and flexible. We believe that advanced search is the most appropriate option for the application.

How to find dates on romancetale.com?

We have previously written in the romancetale.com review about the need for the user to fill in special forms during the registration. If you want to know more detailed information about the specifics of the search for your perfect significant other, we will tell about it below.

Contact Information

E-Mail: [email protected]

What is romancetale.com dating site?

The Romance Tale is a specialized dating site, which has been providing high-quality and low-cost Asian online dating services for single men from Europe and America.

Is romancetale.com free?

The romancetale.com website is not a free dating portal. You can register online for free, but you have to pay for the use of basic services.

How do romancetale.com credits work?

The credit system on the site is quite simple. You buy credits offered in credit packages, and then use credits to pay for services on the resource.

How to create profile?

Creating a profile is easy. To do this, you need to go to the registration page https://romancetale.com/signup/1, fill in a few lines in the proposed form, and become a member of this site.

How can I delete romancetale.com profile?

To do this, you just need to send a request to delete the profile to the support service.

How many members does romancetale.com have?

More than 180.000 participants are registered on the Romance Tale. About 10.000 people visit the site per month. 300-400 users are constantly present.

Can I use romancetale.com anonymously?

Unfortunately, this feature is not provided in the list of services.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

The site administration pays special attention to the accuracy of information provided by community members. Each user profile is carefully checked by the portalโ€™s staff. Only after confirming all the data, the profile is verified.

Is messaging free?

Sending and receiving messages between site users is a paid service.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Usually, the process of confirming your profile takes no more than 2-3 days.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

To keep your data safe, follow a few simple rules: do not pass on your account information to unauthorized persons and use strong passwords to register.

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