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How We Review International Dating Sites

How We Review International Dating Sites

Our strategy of finding the best sites for you

We want to emphasize that we analyze the most famous dating sites as well as the new fast-growing and promising platforms. There are a lot of criteria, according to which we recommend or not recommend a particular website. Our researches can be virtually divided into three main stages, which are:

  1. identifying the sites that seem good enough;
  2. setting up an account;
  3. evaluating the quality of the services and the site as a whole.

Finding the dating website that seems to be good enough

Analyzing a platform that doesnโ€™t provide any good services has plenty of fake profiles, is difficult to use, and sets the incredibly high prices just doesnโ€™t make sense. That is why our experts search for the answers to these questions to find out if further analysis is needed.

  • How many real women set up profiles on this site?
  • Is the website easy to use?
  • How many communication services does the platform offer?
  • Is the response rate high?
  • Is a platform safe and secure?
  • What do real members say about this platform in their reviews?
  • Is the support service good enough?
  • What are the prices? Is pricing reasonable?

To answer these questions, we carefully read the Terms and Conditions. However, the information provided by the company itself is not enough for us. That is why we set up the accounts on each dating site to find out if it is as good as it claims to be.

Setting up a profile

So, at this stage, we make the first step towards practical of the platform. How does that help us? Even the registration process can tell a lot about the website. We consider the following criteria:

  • Is registration free?
  • Is it fast and easy?
  • Do we need to confirm the email address to set up an account?
  • Do we get immediate access to our profile?
  • Is there any verification procedure?

We do not continue to analyze the site if:

  1. We need to pay to set up an account (good dating websites donโ€™t make their members pay for a pig in a poke)
  2. The registration process is too long and complicated
  3. We do not need to confirm our email (if anyone can use any email address, the administration just cannot guarantee that the profiles are real)

Analyzing the features

So, our expert is officially a member, not just a visitor. What is next?

We analyze all the features offered by the platform. Our experts never miss anything important because we have the list of services that must be checked. It includes the following features:

  • Filling in the profile (Are there any questionnaires, are the members encouraged to fill in their profile completely, how detailed are the profiles of women on the site, do the members upload photos or not?)
  • Search algorithm (Is search available for free, how many filters we can use to find a perfect match, can we use an advanced search?)
  • Communication tools (Can we text someone, can we call another member, can we request someone contact info, send a gift or invite a user to Video Chat?)
  • Customer Support service (How can we contact the Support Department, is the response quick, did it help us to solve our problem?)
  • Interface (Is the site easy to use or not, is the design good, can we use the services without any difficulty, is the site fast enough?)
  • Pricing policy (are the prices reasonable, are there any hidden costs, can we do anything without paying for it, what are the payment methods we can use?)
  • Translation services (How can we communicate with mail-order brides who do not speak English?)

We want to emphasize that our experts really set up the profiles, provide some info, verify it and try all available features. We do not want to miss anything or believe the company without checking the information. We recommend the sites that meet all our criteria, which are as follows:

  1. Real, detailed profiles
  2. Powerful search algorithms, dozens of filters
  3. Wide selection of communication tools: instant text messaging, Video Chat, phone calls
  4. Reasonable prices, free basic features, paid special services
  5. Great customer support
  6. High response rate

The final stage

After we make sure that the website has it all, we write an in-depth review about it. We do not try to hide anything from our readers and never claim that a site is perfect (of course, if it is not.) We describe the whole process, from registration to communication with mail-order brides or local women and mention all the pros and cons that we identified. So, if you are tired of being single, if you want to settle down and have a family, check out our reviews. We bet youโ€™ll find a site that meets all your expectations.