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Belarusian Brides: Find A Caring & Stunningly Belarusian Wife

Belarusian Brides: Find A Caring & Stunningly Belarusian Wife

Belarusian women are fantastic. They are super cheerful, joyful, their laughter is infectious and once you meet a Belarusian girl, you will never want to let her go. These girls make perfect wives. They are pretty independent, they have great aspirations when it comes to career, but they will always put family first. On top of that, they are very feminine and always invest a lot of time and money into their appearance, more than their Central European counterparts.

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Should you date and marry a Belarusian mail order bride? Scroll down to discover new things about these amazing women and you will get to know the answer.

What attracts men in Belarusian women?

Thousands of men look for wives among post-USSR women. Many of them narrow down their choice to women from Belarus. Why? Here are three main reasons.


They always look marvelous

Belarusian girls grow up in a society which expects them to be very feminine and take care of their bodies. A Belarusian girl will make sure her hair always looks perfect, she applies little yet good makeup and always keeps an eye on her weight. The latter is a big deal because in Belarus slim girls are considered the most attractive. Belarusian girls have a great sense of fashion and look more festive than European singles.

Belarusian women are fun

They are humorous. Thereโ€™s no way you find nothing to talk or laugh about with a Belarusian bride. And even if she isnโ€™t good at cracking jokes, believe us, you will enjoy kidding around and listening to her golden laugh. Belarusian girls love partying, they are very positive and open. Yes, at first, just like many post-USSR women, Belarusian girls will seem to you closed and introverted, but once you gain their trust, they will open up to you.

They are super caring

Thereโ€™s nothing better on earth than homemade food cooked by a Belarusian woman. Thereโ€™s nothing better than being watched and taken care of by a Belarusian woman. Thereโ€™s nothing better thanโ€ฆ being with a Belarusian woman. Why? Because she radiates kindness and hospitality. If you date a Belarusian mail order bride, you will see how much she cares about you in small details (even if itโ€™s such an annoying thing like forcing you to wear a hat during winter). They got it from their moms, and they will make great moms too!

What do Belarusian girls look like?

Above, we have given you a few clues about what Belarusian women look like. But letโ€™s talk about it more if you still arenโ€™t in love with Belarusian women looks.

Belarusian girls embrace their natural beauty

Belarusian women are representatives of East Slavic Ethnic group (just like Ukrainians and Russians). Blondes, fair-haired beauties and brunettes are the most common types among them. In Belarus, mail order brides are endorsed to look naturally. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s so rare to find women in this region who would do plastic surgeries.

Yes, Belarusian women may like nail extensions and fake eyelashes, but itโ€™s a trend which may soon become a thing of the past, just like tanning in solariums did in the 2000s. Otherwise, Belarusian women look very natural. They apply makeup to emphasize the beauty of their blue, gray, hazel, or green eyes, but they donโ€™t overdo it. They make sure they always look perfect to feast the eyes of the men they like.

They are slim

In Eastern Europe, women are expected to be slim and fit. Belarusian male order brides look exactly like that. They grew up with a notion that it is normal to look like this, and always try various diets and work out to get close to their ideal image. Of course, there are many other types of women in Belarus โ€“ some are curvaceous, some are average, but all of them glow charming beauty, and this canโ€™t be underestimated.

Belarusian brides have a good sense of fashion

Belarusian women love shopping and dressing up. In recent years many of them have stitched to more casual styles and prefer wearing comfortable jeans, tops, and sneakers instead of bright dresses and high heels, yet, whatever they wear is stylish and catches the eye. Moreover, Belarusian women are obsessed with making their second halves look attractive too!


What are the traits of Belarusian mail order brides?

Due to cultural and historical reasons, women in particular regions tend to have similar traits. Belarusian male order brides arenโ€™t an exception. Letโ€™s see what unites many women in the beautiful country Belarus.

In Belarus girls are sincere

Belarusian ladies love telling the truth. They just canโ€™t behave differently. Their straightforwardness may even kill you (of course, not), as they will tell you what you donโ€™t expect to hear. If your Belarusian bride doesnโ€™t like some of your habits, you will know for sure, as she will tell you this straight away. Why is this good? She wonโ€™t lie to you about anything.

They love working hard

Women in Belarus are very dedicated. Whatever they do, they do with passion and love. Thatโ€™s why they have the best jobs, the tastiest food, the cleanest houses, and the most interesting hobbies. They are hard-working women. If you marry a Belarusian bride, brace for being motivated to work hard too!

Belarusian brides are optimistic

Joyful, sunny and optimistic nature is the core of all Belarusian women. No struggles, hurdles or turmoils can break down their optimistic temper. Anyone can envy the patience as well as a positive outlook on the future that they have.


Why do Belarusian women seek husbands abroad?

In every country, some women become mail order brides. But overall, the reasons for this are different. Some women are trying to run away from forced marriages, others just love traveling and want to practice foreign languages. So whatโ€™s the case of Belarusian mail order brides?

  1. Shortage of Belarusian men. According to 2019 statistics, 53.5% of the Belarus population are women. If you add here menโ€™s alcoholism, early male deaths and so on, it will turn out that many Belarusian women indeed have no one to build their life with. Those Belarusian beauties who didnโ€™t find happiness at home seek husbands abroad, and thatโ€™s understandable.
  2. They are looking for a better life. Belarus is a good country, but whatever you say, its economy is still in the transition after the USSR collapse, and of course, it isnโ€™t as developed as Western European states or the US. Hard-working and caring Belarusian women want a better future for their children. They can ensure it only by marrying a Western man, which is a good idea.
  3. Belarusian women want respect. Western men tend to show more respect, be more caring and emotionally available overall. They treat women as equal humans, and thatโ€™s what their Belarusian counterparts lack. Thatโ€™s why girls from Belarus want to marry foreigners โ€“ they know they will be not only loved but also treated well.

Are Belarusian women wife material?

Yes, they are. And hereโ€™s why:

  • They are very much caring and loving
  • Belarusian brides prioritize family
  • They will invest all their time and efforts into their children
  • A Belarusian wife will always stay on the side of her husband
  • They are faithful and straightforward
  • They show their love through cooking delicious meals
  • Belarusian girls are reliable and responsible
  • They are fun, and itโ€™s never boring to be with them

How to date a Belarusian lady?

Do you want to impress a bride from Belarus? Itโ€™s not like dating any other girl. Hereโ€™s what you should do:

  1. Provide her with attention. Regularly text & call, donโ€™t leave her messages unanswered for more than 6 hours (if you arenโ€™t on a flight, of course)
  2. Be a gentleman. Ask her permission if you want to kiss or touch her. Sure, you can rely on your intuition, but donโ€™t risk it. Also remember about chivalry like giving her flowers, opening doors in restaurants, etc.
  3. Show her you are a breadwinner. Even though Belarusian women arenโ€™t materialistic and can earn for themselves, they need to know that their potential partner isnโ€™t greedy. Be wise with spending money but donโ€™t be stingy. Pay for her in cafes and give her little gifts, it will pay off over time.
  4. Show respect to her culture and country. Belarusian may sound weird to you at first (who knows, maybe even funny), but never express that in front of a Belarusian girl.
  5. Give her confidence. Belarusian brides look for men who would protect them and be their supporters. Compliment her and cheer her up, she will appreciate it!

What will your life be like with a Belarusian wife?

Belarusian wives are amazing. They are the core of families and a great inspiration to their husbands. How will your life change after marrying a Belarusian mail order bride?

  • You will be feasted with superb Belarusian draniki (potato pancakes), kalduny (dumplings), chaladnik (cold beetroot soup) and kasha (traditional porridge).
  • You will start understanding Belarusian humor.
  • You will fall in love with Belarusian and Russian languages.
  • You will meet her parents during every great Belarusian holiday (there are many, by the way).
  • You will be treated like a king when you get sick (and during other days too).
  • You will be on cloud nine.

Top myths about Belarusian brides debunked

Many stereotypes exist regarding Belarusian mail order brides. Most of them arenโ€™t true. Just like these:

Myth #1. Belarusian girls are bad at English

In fact, 60% of Belarusian women can speak English. Yes, they may have an accent, yes, itโ€™s not the proficient level, but you will for sure find common ground with a Belarusian bride.

Myth #2. They only want to be housewives

Even though Belarusian male order brides are family-centered, it doesnโ€™t mean they would give up all their goals and mooch off her husband. A good education is an integral part of Belarusian women. They study, work, provide for themselves and their families too!

Myth #3. Belarusian women want green cards

Yes, Belarusian brides want a better life. But the most important thing for them is love. Most of them would never marry a guy just for money or ability to move abroad. Feelings are the most important thing for them, and they follow their heart.

There are many other stereotypes about Belarusian girls. We want you not to ask them overused questions like:

  • I heard you love potatoes in Belarus, is it true that you make all meals with it?
  • Is Belarus like little Russia?
  • Are you sure you donโ€™t have any health consequences related to Chernobyl?
  • Etc.

Donโ€™t even dare to ask questions like this, especially at the dawn of your relationships with a Belarusian woman. This is rude and disrespectful. Instead, take your time to learn more about her and her views, donโ€™t rush to ask stereotype-driven questions.


How to find a Belarusian mail order bride?

The best way to do it is through Belarus mail order bride sites. First, only highly motivated in marriage women are registered there. Second, itโ€™s very likely that they speak English, otherwise, the bride agency will provide you with instant translation services. If you want to find a Belarusian woman for marriage, you should:

  1. Sign up to a reliable Belarusian mail order bride site
  2. Make your profile very detailed and add the best photo of yourself
  3. Be active and text many girls
  4. Pay special attention to one and only (through video calls and gifts)
  5. Visit her in Minsk or any other big city in Belarus
  6. Voila!


Arenโ€™t you in love with Belarusian women yet? You must be. These women make the best wives. You can find a caring, affectionate and educated Belarusian bride on the best mail order bride sites here. All you need to do is to read reviews, check the websites on your own and start acting. Keep in mind our tips for impressing a Belarusian single! Good luck!

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