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Czech Mail Order Brides: Why You Should Marry Czech Lady

Czech Mail Order Brides: Why You Should Marry Czech Lady

‌If you’re looking for a nice family-oriented girl that will share your values and see eye to eye with you, why don’t you date a Czech mail order wife? They’re beautiful, sexy, and smart. Moreover, their worldview and the culture they’re living in are very similar to most Western countries. So you’ll be close from the very beginning. No need to learn your differences and try to understand why her mindset isn’t like yours. But still, there are things you should know about Czech women. Go on reading to learn more.

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Why do men want to marry Czech girls?


‌ Some men see Czech wives as the only women they can get married to. Why? What is so special about these girls? Is there something they have that other girls just don’t? Let’s try to find out the answer.

They’re strong-willed and independent

The history of the Czech Republic has a very important turning point when communism collapsed and the country got more freedom. For different reasons, like geographical position, economical situations, and even the set of minds of fellow countrymen, Czech Republic brides are much more feminist and independent than their Eastern European counterparts. They’re pretty ambitious, confident, and make careers. But it doesn’t stop them from marrying a worthy man with similar values.

They want a strong and independent man

It’s a logical consequence from the previous point. On the one hand, Czech brides look for a man who’ll share her life values and will have a similar view concerning career and money-making. On the other hand, they still need a caring shoulder. They want a man to be the head of the family and always be there when they need it. At the same time, equality and a partnership are keys to successful relationships, in their opinion. This combination of family and career orientation is very appealing to many European men.

Czech women are calm

Another thing that attracts men in Czech women is that they are calm and peaceful. If you are more into passionate and ardent girls, then, perhaps, you should date Latinas. But if you need a tranquil and non-conflict person, marry a Czech mail order bride.

If there is any trouble in your relationship, a Czech woman will find a wise solution to it. That’s thanks to her intelligence (remember, she is feminist) and cuteness (she’s feminine too).

They’re patient and open-minded

Czech brides for marriage are open to new experiences and adventures. They don’t limit themselves or set up borders. That’s why it isn’t a problem to date and marry a foreigner for them. When they see an opportunity, they don’t hesitate to take it. Moreover, they’ll never judge others and totally okay with new experiments no matter what it’s related to. That’s why men love them. What man wouldn’t want to marry a girl he can be totally comfortable and relaxed with? She’ll be your best partner and support you no matter what you want to try or do.

How do they look?

‌ European girls are very attractive. Czech women aren’t an exception. Actually, there’re many famous Czeck models. What is so special about their appearance? What is the secret of their charm? Let’s see.

A model-like physique

They’re naturally well-shaped. They’re tall, fit, with sexy curves and a nice complexion. But it doesn’t stop Czech brides from grooming and working hard to look even more attractive. They go to gyms, swimming-pools, or jogging in the park. They have healthy habits, don’t eat junk food, exercise, walk a lot. It helps them to keep fit and love their bodies. As a result, when she looks in the mirror, she falls in love with reflection and it makes her feel even more confident.

They love themselves just the way they are

Even though Czech girls devote a lot of time to looking sexy and attractive, they never go extreme. Taking care of their appearance, bodies and health are very natural and are regarded as a normal state of things. Every woman should do that. At the same time, they accept all their strengths and weaknesses. They highlight their best features and know-how to conceal what is seen as drawbacks nowadays. They rarely use the services of plastic surgeons and don’t have complexes about their appearance.‌

They’re diverse

It should be mentioned Czech girls for marriage are very different in the way they look. For example, people often think these girls are mostly fair-haired. Or that they’re taller than other European girls. But it isn’t like that in all cases. In fact, they have different colors of hair. The forms of their faces are also not always square-like. To put it in a nutshell, all of them have some typical European features, but at the same time, every girl is unique and has a lot of personal peculiarities.


What is so special about Czech wife character?

‌ If you plan to marry a Czech mail order bride, it won’t be superfluous to learn more about her character. It’ll help you in your dating, as you’ll understand her better and have more in common than you thought.

They’re proud

A girl from Czech lands will never waste her time on a man that doesn’t deserve her. What does it mean? If you’re a constant complainer, waste your breath, don’t keep promises or can’t make money, don’t even start trying to date this girl. If you aren’t helpful and respectful, you’ll never be liked by a Czech bride. These girls know how much they’re worth. You need to correspond to her.‌

They’re fun and cool

Czech ladies are very positive, adventurous and sociable. They don’t like staying at home when there’s a possibility to go out and have fun. When she laughs, everybody starts laughing because her laughter is infectious. They love good talks, you’ll always have something to discuss with your wife if you marry a girl from this country. One of the reasons is that they’re educated and intelligent. It helps them to feel free in any company.

They respect men

Even though they’re independent and fight for equality in rights and demand a good treatment, it doesn’t mean they hate or despise men. Vice versa, they respect them and dream to meet a worthy, loving, and supportive man to marry. Besides, they have very warm ties with their families. They enjoy gatherings and having a good time with dearest people. Show her you can be a good husband and she’ll choose to spend her whole life with you.


Why do Czech ladies become mail order brides?

Have you ever wondered what pushes Czech women to register on mail order bride sites and start looking for husbands abroad? In 2014, for example, Czech women made 70% more marriages to foreigners than to their fellow male citizens. Czech brides keep preferring Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian men, as well as Americans, British and Germans.

Here are the reasons why this is happening:

  1. Czech women aren’t happy in local marriages. The Czech Republic has some of the highest divorce rates in Europe – almost 50% of all married couples decide to stay apart. Interestingly, the population of women in Czechia is slightly lower than that of men, but despite the competition among the latter, divorces still happen. That’s why Czech women look for alternatives overseas.
  2. Czech girls don’t want to be at the crossroads. Some Czech women decide to become mail order brides because they want to either pursue the Western, Eastern, or another lifestyle. The West is still highly associated with freedom for Czech women (the opposite to communist past). They want to face different mentality, explore the world, and see something different than what people are used to in their own country.
  3. Czech brides want more love. For some reason, Czech women believe that foreigners can give them more love. If Czech mail order brides want passionate husbands, they would go for Latinos, if they want stables ones, they would choose Americans, etc. Whoever their dream-partner is, they simply seek greater love.

Why do Czech mail order brides make ideal spouses?

So what are the qualities that distinguish Czech mail order brides from other potential wives?

  • Czech wives are loyal.
  • They are traditional in love and family affairs.
  • They are wise and know how to resolve family conflicts.
  • Czech women are very caring.
  • Family reunions are important to them.
  • If a Czech woman is in love, her universe will be revolving around her husband.
  • They won’t let their kids get sick (and husband too).
  • Czech wives will never let anyone be hungry.
  • They can share a glass of good Czech beer with you (but still control your drinking!).
  • Czech wives are cute when they laugh at husbands’ jokes.

If you’re interested in having a wife like that, learn how to date Czech girls below!

Tips on dating a girl from the Czech Republic

  • Don’t brag about your financial status. If you’re a successful and independent man, don’t boast about your achievements. Of course, be proud of them, but share your accomplishments in the most polite and gentle way. Czech girls won’t be impressed if you’re arrogant.
  • Treat her with respect. As ladies from the Czech Republic are feminist and seek equal rights, they won’t stand a man who will treat her as an inferior. They want to be partners in their relationships.
  • Don’t worry about your age or appearance. Luckily, Czech brides are open-minded and aren’t dependent on social standards or opinions. What matters to them is true feelings, mutual respect, and partnership.
  • Remember to be a gentleman. All girls love when men help and support them. Do it every time when she needs it. Besides, don’t forget about giving compliments and presents. Small cute gifts and flowers, or something more expensive and precious. It’s up to you. Sрe’ll appreciate your attention for any of your efforts.

How will your married life be with a Czech wife?

Undoubtedly, Czech women are some of the best wives on earth. But as a foreigner, you may not be ready for the cultural differences. Read about them now, before you start wooing a Czech male order bride:

  • When living with a Czech wife, you will have to change your clothes once you get back home. You can’t wear at home the same trousers as you wear at work or when going to groceries.
  • A Czech wife will never let you (or guests) wear shoes at home or walk barefoot. There will always be a couple of slippers for everyone.
  • You may have uncomfortable debates about religion and race with her relatives. If your Czech bride is open-minded (that’s actually why she started a relationship with a foreigner), her relatives and friends might not be so. Brace for hot discussions and don’t take anything personally.
  • Get ready to eat amazing Czech cuisine 24/7. A Czech wife will feed you with a lot of fried cheese, dumplings, potato, schnitzels and strudels.
  • You will fall in love with local beer. As a rule, around the world, this is not a lady’s drink. But in Czech, this rule doesn’t work. You’ll always have a bottle of delicious traditional beer at home. Czech women for marriage never get drunk. Beer is a part of their culture, and they expect you to appreciate this.

Stereotypes about Czech mail order brides.

  1. They cheat. Don’t let this myth stop you from dating and marrying a Czech girl. The ratio of cheaters in the Czech Republic isn’t very big. Moreover, girls from this country are very faithful and when they marry a man, they forget about others. On your part, don’t give her a reason to be jealous.
  2. They want money. This rumor has nothing to do with real facts. For the time being, Czech ladies know how to earn money so it’s not a reason for them to find and marry a man who’ll provide for them. They seek real love. They want a man they can feel really happy with.

How can you find a Czech mail order bride?

You may bump into your Czech love in Prague or Brno, but only if you’re lucky. So don’t risk and use the Czech mail order bride sites for finding a wife.

  1. Register on several reputable Czech bride sites
  2. Create an attractive profile
  3. Be active, text different girls & don’t focus too much on one type
  4. Send Czech brides flowers (they love chivalry)
  5. Agree to meet in life!

The bottom line

Czeck mail order brides are a perfect choice for those men who seek a smart independent woman. If you marry such a woman, you’ll have a loyal friend, a supporting partner, and a sexy wife. All she expects from you is love and respect. If you don’t give them, she won’t waste time on you. She’ll marry only that man who will prove he deserves her. Thus, be a gentleman. Be loving and caring.

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