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Japanese Mail Order Brides: How To Find, Date And Marry

Japanese Mail Order Brides: How To Find, Date And Marry

Japanese girls are becoming more popular among foreigners, especially Western men. These ladies are known for being calm, tender, respectful and super-intelligent. However, these are not the only qualities that make them appealing to men from overseas.

Japanese ladies also make great wives and caring mothers. Why is this so? Well, if you’re so interested, this piece is for you. Here you can find out:

  • Why Japanese brides are so special?
  • How to date Japanese women?
  • How will your life change after you marry a Japanese girl? And many others.

Let’s go!

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What is so special about Japanese mail order brides?

If you read general descriptions of Asian mail order brides, you will think there is no significant difference between Japanese and, let’s say, Chinese brides. But these differences exist, and they are significant, in fact. Scroll down to see what makes Japanese ladies stand out among their Asian counterparts.

Japanese women are peaceful

In the Eastern culture, the less you talk, the wiser you are. Japanese girls aren’t an exception. But this does not only mean that they are introverted or shy. The fact that Japanese brides are peaceful means that they are perfect candidates for wives. You will not face any dramas in your married life, nor will you suffer because of the spouse’s drastic changes of mood. A Japanese woman will nourish you with harmony.

Japanese women are educated

Girls from Japan take studying very seriously. Constant learning, self-education, and personal growth are essential for them. They see it as an integral part of being an interesting and attractive personality. Japanese girls are usually diligent students. They learn many necessary life and communication skills really well. That’s why they can easily keep the ball rolling, it’s interesting to be in their company. So, don’t be afraid of getting bored with a Japanese bride.

They are real & honest

Fake is not about Japanese mail order brides. These ladies are some of the sweetest humans on earth. Neither do they seek money nor fame. Tranquility and modesty are what they got with the mother’s milk.

They are not into emotional argues

Japanese singles are calm and well-mannered. You’ll rarely hear your bride shouting at you or blaming something. They always prefer to have a reasonable, mature discussion.

This is the way she can express what she doesn’t like, but still in a very good polite form. She’ll never support you in being extremely emotional while having some quarrels within the couple. She’ll prefer to stop a conversation and wait when you calm down instead. It’s easier for her to say “Forgive me” than to create a drama. That is why they make so appreciated humble wives.


The appearance of Japanese brides

Westerners perceive Japanese women as «exotic». But in reality, these girls are «exotic» just to them. In Japan, many girls see themselves as normal. If you live in Japan, you’ll start seeing them normal too. But you will still be charmed. What are their superpowers?

Sweet and cute, but sexy

Japanese ladies are tiny and often look childish. They have flawless skin, black long hair, playful eyes. Their bodies are perfect because of a healthy diet and constant workouts. It helps them to be in very good shape. This mixture of pretty features, sexy curves, the glint in the eyes, and a spirit of obedience and rebelliousness make foreigners go mad.

They are magnetic

Apart from stunning physical parameters, Japanese girls possess some inner superpowers. Their charm, charisma that comes together with the body language and gestures is another thing that attracts foreigners.

Japanese girls seem to never age

One of the best things about Japanese ladies is that they always look younger than their actual age. You can never guess how old a Japanese woman is. Does it matter actually? Of course not since she’s beautiful and happy!


What are the traits of Japanese girls?

Japanese girls have very positive personalities. But we think this knowledge isn’t enough for you to start dating them. Here is what else you need to know:

They are well-mannered

In Japan, respecting others is a priority. It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman’s husband, her parents or colleagues at work. Japanese respect everyone! That’s why Japanese ladies never misbehave and are mannered and decent.

This also means that once you start dating a Japanese mail order bride, you need to show her the same respect, as well as to her close ones. No sex talks at the dawn of the relationship, no mean jokes or whatsoever.

Japanese women are family-oriented

Although Japanese women are well-educated and hard-working, they still stick to family values (Japanese men, by the way, too). Respecting family members and creating their own happy family – it’s a mission for many Japanese mail order brides.

They are fun

Don’t think that, if Japanese women are tranquil and respectful, they can’t be funny and humorous. They are! Japanese girls love modern pop-culture, they like cracking jokes and doing silly faces. All these things are different from the ones in the Western world, but you will get used to it with time.

They are hardworking

Being a perfect caring mail order wife and reaching goals in a career at the same time is doable for a single Japanese girl. She devotes all her attention to everything she’s doing. Whether it is about family matters or signing a new huge business contract.


Why do they look for a husband abroad?

What are the reasons to go online and seek for a foreigner to marry? Why do Japanese brides choose online dating over searching for a man offline? Let’s find out.

    1. Male to female ratio. There’re simply more men than women in Japan. As a result, not every woman can find a partner. Another thing is to find a really worthy and reliable man. It’s a big problem for a number of Japanese girls and that’s reason number one to go online in search of a good supportive and loving man.

    1. They love foreigners. A lot of Japanese brides are crazy about Americans and Europeans. You see, men are attracted to these girls because they’re exotic and strange to them. But girls have the same reasons! Foreigners look handsome and magnetic. They live in different cultures and girls want to try something absolutely new. New experiences are exciting and thrilling to them.

    1. They want an international marriage. Marrying a guy from America may open a door to an absolutely new life. Many girls dream of moving to another country and try another way of living. It broadens their minds, gives a feeling of excitement. It looks adventurous and fun. Japanese girls, living in a reserved society, often want to break through it and open a new version of themselves.

Why do Japanese brides make great wives?

Not like many other women from all over the world, Japanese brides possess traits which make them ideal wives. What are they?

    • Japanese brides are 100% loyal. If in some countries extramarital affairs are perceived as something normal, it’s not the case for Japan. Want a faithful wife? Marry a Japanese woman.

    • Japanese girls have family values. They are brought up knowing that one day they will create a family, become good mothers and take care of the loved ones.

    • The universe of a Japanese woman revolves around her husband (when it comes to family). Otherwise, she’s career-centered too.

    • Japanese mail order brides are very respectful. This helps them to avoid dramas and complaining that Western men are likely to do.


Tips for dating a Japanese bride

To succeed in dating and then marrying a girl of your dream, follow the next recommendations so you do everything right.

Show genuine interest. Girls love attention. Japanese wives especially need it because they live in a culture where feelings are not expressed so openly as in Western countries. She’ll admit and appreciate your effort if you give her more compliments or presents. Or if you demonstrate a desire to learn more about her, her family, or culture. In a word, be more active while interacting with her.

Be special. Girls fall in love when they feel a guy is different from others. Do your best to prove you’re careful, reliable, and supportive. Treat her like she is a princess. Be respectful and helpful. She needs to see you’re the one. Thus, try to be a bit creative and special for her. It can be expressed in the way you give her compliments, highlighting her best features. Or the gifts you give. Try to carry some personal meaning in everything you do. It’ll make you closer.

How will your life be different if you marry a Japanese girl? 

After marrying a Japanese wife, your life will never be the same. See below how your life is going to change. If you are ready for that, date a Japanese mail order bride now!

    • You’ll learn from her to keep calm and be more patient.

    • You’ll get some new healthy habits like eating more vegetables or going to bed earlier.

    • Your home will be nice, cozy and clean.

    • She’ll never give you a reason to be jealous.

    • You’ll learn more about Japanese culture and their habits.

    • You’ll be supported and loved.

    • You’ll always have somebody to ask for help as they’re faithful and loyal.

    • She’ll make you the happiest man ever.


Top myths about Japanese brides debunked

Many stereotypes are revolving around Japanese girls. Which of them are true?

Myth #1. Japanese girls are submissive

There is a stereotype that Japanese women make perfect wives because they are submissive. Many men (who are toxic masculine) go to Japan to find a wife who would be their servant. But you know what happens? They fail. Although Japanese women are humble and shy due to their culture, it doesn’t mean they would conform to the will of somebody else, even if it’s their husband.

Myth #2. Japanese women are infantile

Many Asian women are believed to be infantile. For example, that they look for rich husbands who would take care of them, that they won’t take on any responsibility, that they would prefer being housewives and stay at home most of the time.

This isn’t about Japanese women. Japanese brides are determined. Yes, in their culture, the family is the center, but they know how to be responsible and how to tackle challenges. They are ambitious in their careers and very educated. Better than some men, basically.

Myth #3. Japanese brides are too independent

There’s an opposite rumor that some girls are competitive and career-oriented. A man might get afraid that his Japanese girl will never want to have a kid. Or that she’ll always be spending time at work. Again, it’s just another stereotype. Even if your spouse wants to work and climb the ranks, she’ll manage to have a life-work balance. 

Once again, wrong. Japanese women perfectly balance their private life and work, so don’t deprive yourself of happiness because of these stereotypes.


How to find a Japanese mail order bride?

You can try your luck by traveling to Japan or trying to approach Japanese girls on social media. But you remember the problem, don’t you? Most likely, you will still be an average gaijin. If you want to find a Japanese wife for sure, try out Japanese mail order bride sites. Here’s how they will help you to find the one and only:

    • You will get access to a friendly and safe communication environment

    • You will have a wide choice of Japanese women

    • You will be able to test the waters with several ladies at once

    • You will be able to contact your favorite girl in many ways (texting, emailing, voice messages, video calls, etc.)

    • You may go on Japan romance tours

    • You may send flowers to a Japanese mail order bride

    • You can order an interpreter for your first offline date

As you can see, Japanese mail order bride sites can provide you with multiple services for finding the woman of your dreams.

The bottom line

Date a Japanese bride and she’ll make you the happiest man on the planet. Why? Because these girls know how to take care. They’re super feminine and pretty. Their infectious laughter, cute appearance, and childish humor make men fall in love with them more and more. Yet, they’re sexy and attractive. What else do you need? Don’t waste your time! Start your love searching today!