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Thai Brides: Exotic Beauties Ready For Happy Marriage

Thai Brides: Exotic Beauties Ready For Happy Marriage

What do you know about Thailand? A heaven-like place with azure sea, the best resorts, the tastiest fruit and… the best women for marriage. Yes, men from all over the world come to Thailand to seek brides.

What is so special about Thai women? In this Thai brides review, we will educate you on what kind of women Thai brides are, why and how to date them and what your life will be should you marry a Thai woman.

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Why do men choose Thai girls?

In each nation, women have special traits which attract men. Thai brides aren’t an exception. Let’s see what attracts Western men in them.

Thai brides are gorgeous

Girls from this cohort often win beauty contests. In the entire history of Thailand, its female representatives obtained the most important Miss Universe crown two times, while some countries never did so! But why do you need these titles?

Just look at Thai women’s profiles on dating sites or mail order bride platforms and you will be astonished! Thai girls are fabulous in their appearance, and this is the first feature that drags thousands of single men to them.

They are humble

Many men dream of having and understanding and calm female partner. Thai brides perfectly suit this role as they are raised to be modest and decent. They are non-conflict, sweet and nice. In other words, they have angelic personalities, and that’s what men seek. Thai mail order brides make some of the best wives on earth thanks to these qualities.

Thai women are family-oriented

Of course, Thai women respect family traditions and views, and they dream of starting their own. They love studying, they can earn their money, but family will always be number one in their life. Having a loving husband and children is their main aspiration. Single men who look for wives often narrow down their choice to Thai brides as they know for sure – they can find their future wife among these beauties.


What is the appearance of Thai brides?

You will hardly find a woman as peculiar in her appearance as a Thai girl. These ladies have special facial and other features which make them stand out among their counterparts. What are them?

Thai women are exotic

Of course, in Asia, Thai women aren’t exotic. But from the perspective of men from other parts of the world – they are. They have unusual faces – thin, long or oval, with full lips, mysterious narrow eyes, small noses and sun-kissed or light skin. They usually have dark intense eyes and jet-black straight hair (which they often dye in beautiful brown), big white teeth and charming smiles. They love makeup and can use a lot of it – but that’s not because they aren’t beautiful enough but because makeup helps them create the festive mood!

They have fabulous figures

Thai male order brides aren’t tall, rather middle-height and even short. They are always in great shape. Thin, slim, toned and sender. These ladies follow a healthy lifestyle and work out. You will rarely see them eating fast food. Thai girls live on vegetables, rice and fish-based diets. That’s the secret of their beauty.

Thai women age well

Find a profile of a Thai mail order bride. Look through her pictures without checking her personal data. Try to guess her age. Check her bio. Guessed wrongly? Is she a bit older than you assumed? That’s it! You will never guess the genuine age of a Thai woman, because «Thai don’t crack». Thai women always look young and fresh, but that’s not only when it comes to their appearance. Although they age, they still feel young and energized!


What are the main traits of Thai brides?

Before dating a woman from a different cultural background, first figure out what kinds of personality traits she has, how most likely she will behave in a relationship with you as a foreigner and so on. To simplify things for you, we have listed three main characteristics of Thai brides as far as personality is concerned.

Thai women are very respectful

Thai girls are brought up in a traditional society where respecting others is the core. They respect others’ opinions, ideas, as well as behavior. They show respect to everyone – from young to small. As we have said, Thai brides are humble, and they manifest this trait in showing respect.

Thai girls have sweet souls

Thai mail order brides are very kind, supporting and caring. If you marry a Thai woman, she will cater to you with pleasure, she will be the most peaceful person you will know, she will amuse you with her sweet character. Thai women know how to prevent conflicts and arguments, they are soft and very nice to other people. Just like angels.

They don’t show emotions in public

One may think that Thai women aren’t emotional, but that’s not true. They are very sensual, but only in private. They aren’t used to expressing their feelings in public, that’s because of the society in which they grew up. Don’t expect her to hold your hands, kiss or make out in public. Thai girls aren’t like that. But out of people’s sight, she will show you the whole range of feelings she has toward you.


Why do Thai women become mail order brides?

In every country, there are women eager to marry foreigners. Some try to run away from a poor life, others have a fetish over white Western men in the post-colonial world, somebody else just doesn’t care and follows the heart. So what are the reasons for Thai ladies to become mail order brides?

  1. They don’t have enough marriageable men. According to the latest statistics, women make up more than 51% of the Thai population. It doesn’t seem like a huge difference between Thai women and men, but it matters when it comes to marriageable age. Thai women who weren’t lucky to find fellows for marriage, try out alternatives.
  2. Thai women are open-minded to dating foreigners. Thailand is a tourist country. Thai people are used to tourists, so are Thai women. They don’t have any objections to dating foreign guys. In fact, they believe it’s a great chance for their life. With foreign men, Thai women can explore different mentality, different cultures, explore life!
  3. They seek true love. Thai mail order brides have no prejudices regarding men from other countries. They prefer following their heart – where it leads them, that’s where they will go. If their heart tells them, their true love is a blonde blue-eyes Swedish men, they will go for him. If their heart tells them it’s a dark-skinned ambitious American, they will go for him. Looking for a husband from abroad is like an adventure, and Thai brides don’t want to miss this chance.

Why do Thai women make great wives?

  • They are non-conflict
  • Thai women are very respectful
  • They support their husbands in any situations
  • They are very emotional in private
  • They always look good
  • It’s interesting to spend time with Thai women
  • They adhere to family values
  • Thai brides adore children
  • They are very loyal
  • Thai women are humble and caring
  • Thai girls are great at cooking

How to date a Thai mail order bride?

Dating culture in Thailand differs from any other in the world. You should know some secrets to succeed in getting the heart of a Thai girl. Here are a few tips for you:

  1. It’s you who should make the first steps. In Thailand, girls don’t take on the initiative. If you want a bride, text her first, invite her on a date, hint to her that you started having romantic feelings, suggest the first kiss, and so on up until the marriage proposal. If you’re ready for such a challenge, go ahead!
  2. Don’t be too persistent. Thai women get enough of men’s attention, so when the guy rushes things up and is being pushy, it’s a red flag for them. They take it as if the guy only wants sex, so turn on the red light. To win the heart of a Thai mail order bride, be patient. Make slow steps and see her reaction. If she doesn’t push you away, you can keep moving forward.
  3. Give her little cute gifts. Thai women are simple, they don’t expect you to shower them with luxurious presents. But they expect a lot of attention from you, so petite gifts like handwritten cards, fluffy teddy bears and things like that can melt the heart of a Thai bride.
  4. Note that Thai girls aren’t into guys who smoke, drink, and take drugs. Even if a Thai girl is okay with this, her parents will not tolerate it. So think twice before dating one.

Here’s why your life with a Thai wife will be fun

  • Your Thai wife will be the greatest support in your life.
  • Yes, you will get the Thai massage – but you will also learn how to do it and will please your lovely Thai spouse.
  • You will fall in love with Thai cuisine.
  • Your eyes will be feasted with the beauty of your Thai wife every day.
  • She will care about you like her own son.
  • The Thai wife will treat your parents with respect, and she will expect the same from you.
  • Yes, you will have adorable and super beautiful half-Thai children.

Top myths about Thai brides deflated

Since Thai mail order brides are some of the most popular women for marriage in the world, many rumors are spread about them. We will debunk the most absurd myths about these ladies.

Myth #1. Thai brides only seek money and green cards

It is no secret that most mail order brides seek husbands abroad because it would provide them with stability in the future. They would be able to give birth without a second thought, without being worried that they would have nothing to feed their child with. There are such Thai brides too. But being concerned about the financial stability of the partner isn’t the same as using him. We won’t deny it: female gold-diggers are in every nation. However, it’s important to note that not all Thai brides are like that. If they just wanted money, they could have gone to any Thai club for rich Western men and seduce them right there. But what genuine Thai brides long for are true feelings and a committed relationship.

Myth #2. Thai girls overdo plastic operations

In recent years, the popularity of plastic operations in Asia grew, it’s true. Women in South Korea seem to be the largest group of plastic surgeons clients. But not Thai women. Yes, they may want to get a double eyelid or to smoothen age wrinkles, but these are minor things. Thai women don’t go for plastic surgeries which make them unrecognizable. They just improve small flaws and emphasize their natural beauty. And actually, it’s only a small percentage of Thai women who go for this kind of operations.

Myth #3. Thai women are submissive

No, they are not. Thai women are educated and can speak up for themselves. They don’t need men to make decisions for them or so. They like it when men lead in a relationship, but they don’t like it when they command. They may seem submissive because they are humble and respectful, but these are different traits.


How to find a Thai mail order bride?

In Thailand women register on mail order bride sites to ensure a safe encounter with foreign men. Some Thai beauties try to find boyfriends among tourists, but this is very risky. Therefore, they create profiles on Thai mail order bride sites and communicate with men there. It’s a perfect venue for finding your future Thai wife!

  1. Sign up to a Thai mail order bride site.
  2. Remember, it’s a man who takes initiative: text her first!
  3. Thai girls love chatting. Establish strong communication with a chosen lady.
  4. Visit her in her country only when you’re sure she’s most likely the one.
  5. If things have gone well on a few dates, and you’re sure you want to marry her, visit her parents and ask for their permission (that’s how things work in the East).

Good luck!


Thai women are some of the most desirable brides. That’s because they combine the best traits a perfect wife is expected to have. Thai women are respectful, family-oriented, smart, they love children and are creative when it comes to romance. These ladies are also extremely beautiful – no wonder Thailand won so many beauty contests in its history! Find your Thai mail order bride today, and become one of the luckiest men on earth!

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