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Slovakian Brides: Meet & Marry A Slovakian Girls Now

Slovakian Brides: Meet & Marry A Slovakian Girls Now

Central Europe is a gold mine when it comes to mail order brides. Women in this region are independent yet family-oriented, they cherish traditional values and are ready to start families at a young age. Moreover, they are extremely open to dating foreigners. Slovakian brides aren’t an exception. These ladies are some of the most popular European mail order brides, and on this page, we will explain to you why.

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What attracts men in Slovakian brides?

Slovakia is a small country in Central Europe (don’t confuse it with Slovenia which is in the Balkans). It is surrounded by Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, The Czech Republic and Austria. Because it’s landlocked and has so many neighbors, Slovaks tend to be open to other cultures, many of them work and study in neighboring countries, and, of course, Slovakian women date and marry foreigners.


However, they are interested not only in those leaving across the Slovakian border. Slovakian girls gladly create accounts on mail order bride sites and seek husbands as far as in the US, the UK, Australia, Latin America, Asia and elsewhere. Why? You will figure out below in this review.

For now, just keep in mind that Slovakian mail order brides are extremely popular among men from the West and other parts of the world. Here’s why:

They are super feminine

Slovakian women dress up well, they love flirting, giggling at men’s jokes and darting glances. It is always fun to be near them because they radiate femininity and affection. They look for men who would protect them, be masculine and treat them as equals. Slovakian brides are attractive to foreign men for this and many other reasons.

Slovakian girls have sex appeal

These ladies aren’t just beautiful. They are extraterrestrially beautiful. They don’t use as much makeup and don’t wear boutique clothes as their Eastern European counterparts, yet they manage to attract dozens of male fans around them. Why? Because they have inner charm. It’s their sexiness, it exists in their gestures, in their glances and the tone of the voice.

They are cute

There are might be many femme fatales among Slovakian girls, but don’t think it’s the main trend. Many Slovakian brides are cute and even childish (don’t confuse this with being immature). They behave like this only in front of the men they are interested in. And it’s adorable.

The appearance of Slovakian mail order brides

Slovakian girls look very much like women in The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Some slight features make them distinct, but overall, there are many similarities. Yet, Slovakian brides are among the most beautiful ladies. And most importantly, they acknowledge it.

They have fair hair

Slovakian women are Slavs, so many of them have fair hair ranging from blonde to brown tinges. Because Slovakian ladies love fashion and beauty trends, they dye their hair in other colors too, but prefer the natural ones. They also love makeup but don’t overuse it. Slightly darkened eyelashes, a bit of eyeshadow, natural or reddish lipstick are quite popular among Slovakian brides.

Slovakian women have unique facial features

Yes, Slovakian and Czech girls tend to have high cheekbones, and men all over the world find it super sexy. Not only average men, but world known modeling agencies also hunt for girls from Slovakia with their unique outward beauty. Kamila Filipcikova, Michaela Hlaváčková and many others are idols of Slovakian beauty.

Slovakian girls are toned

According to beauty standards in Central Europe, a stunning woman is a slim and fit one. No wonder that many Slovakian mail order brides almost 100% comply with fashion model requirements. They are middle height or tall, thin, and toned. Slovakian women workout and avoid fast food to maintain their bodies and health.


What are Slovakian brides like?

To date a Slovakian girl, you need to understand how she thinks and what she expects you to do. Here we have collected the most known traits of Slovakian brides:

They hide their angelic souls behind shields

You might be afraid to approach a Slovakian girl at first, because she may give the cold vibes. You may think she isn’t interested in you or that she’s just introverted and closed overall, and that’s not what you are looking for. In fact, Slovakian women, like many other women from post-USSR and post-communist countries, have this trait.

They don’t let anyone come close to them before they start trusting them. At the beginning, a Slovakian woman will be hiding her soft and gentle nature under the cold, fierce and even bitchy shield. But don’t judge a book by its cover.

Slovakian women hate vanity

These ladies are very particular with how men dress. They expect their second halves to be at least a bit fashionable and, for sure, neat. However, they don’t like showoffs. They are allergic to narcissistic and self-centered peacocks, so don’t overdo it when dressing up.

Modest yet attractive is just fine. Also, do not brag about yourself too much when talking to a Slovakian lady. If you want to win her heart, observe what she does and what she says. Slovakian ladies themselves are humble and expect their wooers to be so too.

They expect men to make the first step

When it comes to relationships, Slovakian women go old-style. They can but won’t make the first step. So all the initiative is on the men’s shoulders. If you want to get a Slovakian girl, always text her first, invite her on a date first and see her reaction.


Why do Slovakian brides seek men abroad?

Women from post-post-socialist countries tend to become mail order brides. Some of them seek men with a different mentality, others want to ensure the financial stability of their future children, others want a better life, and so on. Slovakian women might have the same incentives for becoming mail order brides. But what else?

  1. Shortage of men. Slovakian women make up more than 51.3% of the Slovakia population. The difference between males and females population in this country doesn’t seem to be huge, but if you take into account the fact that this country is small, that Slovakian men die earlier than women (men die at 73 and women at 80 in this country), you will see that the shortage of men exists. Slovakian girls want alternatives, so they seek them abroad.
  2. Slovakian women want love and equal treatment. Understanding of love and relationships in Slovakia is very much tied to gender stereotypes. In their society, men do what is expected from men, and women – what is expected from women. For this reason, foreigners have an advantage over local men, because they can show affection and care regardless of the stereotypes. They treat women with respect and that’s what Slovakian brides want.
  3. New generations of Slovakian girls grew up knowing they would marry foreigners. After the collapse of communist regimes in Eastern and Central Europe, capitalist culture started flooding the region. New opportunities abroad started attracting Slovaks too. Many girls grew up knowing they may marry a foreigner and get a different life. Another factor that added oil to fire is that Slovakia is a landlocked country and cannot survive without its neighbors. Many foreigners come to Slovakia, so Slovakian women have become very open-minded about dating them. And it’s despite the fact that Slovaks overall aren’t very open-minded and like categorizing people.

What makes Slovakian brides desirable wives?

Slovakian women are very much wanted among foreign men, because:

  • They are caring and always prioritize family
  • Don’t like staying alone (so they’re committed to their partners)
  • They’re faithful
  • They can earn money
  • Slovakian girls are well-mannered
  • Slovakian women are known to be good mothers
  • They can also have fun
  • They cook well
  • They are high-educated

These and many other characteristics make Wester men «hunt» for Slovakian girls on mail order brides sites. If you’re interested too, find below how to charm and woo a Slovakian lady.


How to date a Slovakian girl?

Slovakian girls are peculiar. They expect special treatment from men, so here’s what you should do to win over the heart of a Slovakian princess:

  1. Remember that flowers are a big deal. Slovakian women are used to receiving flowers for various occasions, including dates. But if you want her to be astonished, send or bring her flowers out of the blue, she will appreciate it.
  2. Chivalry is expected. Yes, it’s the man who makes the first steps, it’s the man who should pay in restaurants, etc. Give her your hand when she needs support, open the doors for her, call her regularly, if you want her to be yours.
  3. Slovakian girls seek respect. Slovakian society is pretty gender-biased. Therefore, Slovakian ladies date foreign men because they know they will treat them equally and with respect. So make sure she sees that from your behavior too.

What will your life be like with a Slovakian wife?

  • You will get used to home-made food like bryndzové halušky (potato-cheese dumplings), kapustnica (cabbage soup) and smoked bacon.
  • You will keep hearing your Slovakian wife discussing politics (Slovaks are used to saying whatever they want as they are hot-headed).
  • You will also enjoy gossiping with her (Slovaks love chit chatting about anything in their lives).
  • You will start enjoying Slovakian humor (which is strange at first for Westerners).

Top myths about Slovakian brides debunked

There are lots of misunderstandings of Slovakian culture and Slovakian dating in particular. Here are the most common stereotypes about Slovakian mail order brides that need to be debunked.

Myth #1. Slovakian women are racist

You may have heard that Slovakian people are some of the most racist nations in Europe. Partially, this is true because the country is small, secluded and has been under socialism. Yet, you need to admit that there are new generations of Slovaks which are much more open-minded. And for sure Slovakian women who have decided to be mail order brides know what they are looking for – foreign husbands – so why would they even be racist? It doesn’t make sense.

Myth #2. Slovakian brides are gold-diggers

Yes, some Slovakian girls, when looking for husbands abroad, hope to have a better life. But it is not the same as using men for money or green cards. Of course, some women are like this, but it’s just a minority. If you register on a credible Slovakian mail order bride site, you will be assured only profiles of real women with serious intentions are there. Slovakian girls come to bride agencies, have interviews with dating experts and only then are allowed to proceed further. Slovakian girls seek love, and feelings are always a priority for them.

Myth #3. Slovakian women are bad at English

It’s quite the opposite. Slovakian girls are very well-educated, many of them have a bachelor’s degree at least, they studied English since their childhood at school and speak it pretty well. For sure, more Slovakian girls speak English than their, let’s say, Hungarian neighbors, and that’s understandable. Slovakia is a small EU country, which is located very close to such a hub as Vienna in Austria.

Many foreigners come to Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia, so there’s no choice for Slovaks rather than speak both English and German well. The only thing that may seem like an obstacle for you is that some Slovakian girls have an accent when they speak English, however, you may find it cute.


How to find a Slovakian mail order bride?

Online dating isn’t rocket science. All you need to do is to find a reliable Slovakian mail order bride site. Once you have done this, follow these steps:

  1. Create an appealing profile with many personal details and professional photos
  2. Search for Slovakian brides using advanced tools
  3. Text several girls at once, but don’t do cold texting – personalize your messages based on what girls have written in their profile descriptions
  4. Stay in touch with the Slovakian bride you like the most
  5. Send her flowers (remember, how to woo Slovakian women?)
  6. Talk to her through video calls on the site
  7. Arrange the time and place for the first date

That’s it!


Slovakian brides are among the most desirable women for marriage in Europe. They’re smart, affectionate and very feminine. Many of them are ready to start families at a young age. They also look forward to marrying foreigners as they want a better future for their children and also because they seek respect. If you want to find a Slovakian mail order bride for marriage, the best way to do this is via Slovakian mail order bride sites.

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