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Asiame.com Dating Site Review 2024 – Reliable Dating Platform or Scam?

Asiame.com Dating Site Review 2024 – Reliable Dating Platform or Scam?
  • Top ladies’ profiles
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Excellent security measure
  • Need to pay for some services
  • Registration checkup takes a long time

It is fundamental to state that Asiame.com dating site is deemed as one of the oldest and most experienced dating platforms in the world! Founded over 20 years ago, it has developed into a successful and effective place to unite men and women. And the number of satisfied couples can tell you that the glory and fame of Asiame.com website is pretty accurate.

Main features of Asiame.com website

When a man chooses a dating site with Asian ladies, there are many important factors that he should consider. Based on our research, the range of features that a dating site can offer is one of the most influential elements. Asiame.com site has a great collection of options, and their functionality allows one to find the perfect date. In this section of the Asiame.com review, you will obtain useful information about all the provided features available on this wonderful platform!

Advanced features

Apart from the basic features mentioned in the Asiame.com review above, you are also given access to some unique features. For instance, if you want to surprise your lady with a gift, you can send a virtual present. There are many things that you can send to her, including flowers, chocolate, perfume, toys, and a bunch of other stuff. Moreover, you can send these things in real life – although the cost is quite high, the site can deliver the gift to your lady.

Apart from basic video chatting, Asiame.com website offers you another unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty and elegance of Asian ladies. You can view cam shows where ladies communicate with a larger group of people. Be sure that nothing inappropriate or erotic is shown there – this is not a website with porn. This is just another form of communication that allows you to have more informal and casual communication with a lady of your choice.



One can agree that a dating website that has effective and modern communication tools can provide a high quality of services. Here, you can find everything a man who is looking for an Asian date can want. First of all, you can enjoy live chats with Asian brides. This is a pretty standard feature that is present on many dating sites. Chats are quite useful for making the first step in forming a relationship with an Asian lady.

In case you are looking for a more intimate communication you can enjoy video and audio calls. Asiame.com dating site offers you excellent quality of connection, which is essential for such type of communication, don’t you agree? As it has been mentioned above, you can also use audio calls. Here, you should know that Japanese women prefer video and audio calls. It can be explained by the fact that dates want to show their beauty and appearance to allure the man.

Ease of use

Very often, men who have no experience in online dating find in extremely difficult to understand how everything works. It has been stated in the Asiame.com review that this dating platform is simple in use. And it is correct as everything about this site is designed to make you feel comfortable. The registration is almost instantaneous and does not require you to pay for anything. Signing up on Asia Me site requires some basic information about yourself and a couple of minutes of your time to answer some questions and select matching profiles. And one more important thing – Asiame.com will send you a verification link to your email. So, you have to verify your account before using it – this is the only thing that cannot be skipped.

Therefore, it is possible to agree that Asia Me website is a wonderful example of a platform that has perfected its functionality specifically for customers. Here, you will enjoy simple and high-quality conversational features, face no issues with registration, and be amazed at the number of advanced and unique options that are offered to you. Asiame.com is truly a magnificent website that helps people find happiness and true love.

Pricing on Asiame.com dating site

As any other decent and reputable dating website, Asiame.com has features that require payment. Although you can create a profile for free, to actually communicate and interact with ladies, you will need to pay. In this section of the Asia Me review, you will learn what features standard members can enjoy freely and what options are available only for money.

What credit packages are available on Asiame.com site?

Since we have stated that Asiame.com dating site requires credits to pay for almost everything, it is time to explain what these credits are. The concept of credits is quite simple – you do not spend real money on features directly, but instead, you have to purchase credits that can be spent on features. To make your stay even more comfortable, the website offers you different packages with different amount of credits:

8 credits
16 credits
32 credits
60 credits
100 credits

What features are provided for free?

As it has been just said, you can create a profile on Asiame dating site for free. Moreover, editing and filling out your account does not require additional fees. Browsing profiles of ladies are also cost-free. Every profile contains private and public photos, and one can understand that public images are free, while for the access to private photos you will have to spend some cash.

Unfortunately, there are not as many features as one would want that are provided for free. AsiaMe is fee-based, meaning that the majority of its options require credits – a special local currency.

What features are fee-based?

Any interaction with a bride except for checking out her profile requires credits. If a girl sends you a photo in chat, you need to pay money to view it. To read a message from a girl, you will have to pay. To send a message to your date, you will have to pay. Access to private photos is also fee-based. Various statistical data also become available to paying customers. Sending flowers and gifts requires credits.

So, you should understand that in case you want to have proper experience on Asiame.com website, you have to prepare yourself to spend a substantial amount of money. But you can expect a high quality of services, a great diversity of nice and pretty Asian ladies, and


How do users rate Asiame.com dating site?

Sometimes, reviews on dating sites can be biased or fail to define certain benefits and implications. To help you understand what the Asia Me site is, we have asked one of the most active members of that community to share his ideas and thoughts on the subject matter. Take a look at what Vince can tell you about Asiame.com dating site!


Asia Me is a wonderful website where one can find many cool and hot Asian dates. I personally enjoy chatting with Chinese girls because they are very cheerful and friendly. They always make me feel like a real man. I really want to fly to China and meet one of the dates, and I hope Asia Me will help me do that! Excellent services – 4.9 out of 5!

Matchmaking algorithms

Your profile is your main tool for the automatic matchmaking algorithms. They use information from your account and look for ladies who have similar interests and goals. Therefore, it is essential to understand that the more detailed your profile is the more potential dates who actually meet your preferences will be showed.

Search tools

Searching on Asiame.com website is simple and efficient – you specify traits and qualities of your potential date and wait for the results. The more traits you specify, the narrower the results will be.

How to find dates on Asiame.com?

You may wonder what it takes to find a decent and gorgeous date from the Asian region. While in reality, it may take some time to locate a girl from China, Korea, or Japan with the compatible traits, Asiame.com has everything under control. The process of finding dates on this platform has been perfected for almost 20 years, which is why you will find plenty of matching dates!

Contact Information

Company: Qpid Networks

Address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960

E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone-Hotline: 1-800-801-3129

What is Asiame.com dating site?

This site has been designed to assist single people to find their true soulmates. With the help of this dating platform, you are guaranteed to find hundreds of matching ladies from Asian countries.

Is Asiame.com free?

If you want to have a true dating experience then no, this site is not free. However, you can get to know about this platform for free – account creation is available for all members for free.

How do Asiame.com credits work?

As it has been mentioned above, Asia Me has a credit-based system. In other words, to interact with dates, you need to spend a special currency that is called credits. This currency can be purchased for real money on the website.

How to create profile?

If you do not have an Asia Me profile, you need to go to the main page of the website. There, you will see a registration form that must be filled out. Well, that is basically it – enter data, get a verification email, verify your account, enjoy Asia Me services!

Is Asiame.com safe?

This is site is definitely one of the safest platforms online. It is a part of Qpid Networks – a huge dating organization that knows how to protect personal data of its customers.

How can I delete Asiame.com profile?

In order to get rid of your profile, you have to go to your settings and find option Deactivate profile. You can also write to customer care that can delete your profile manually.

How many members does Asiame.com have?

Although there is no statistical data, some websites state that every single day, a couple of thousands of Asian brides are using Asia Me.

Can I use Asiame.com anonymously?

No, unfortunately, there is no incognito mode available on the website.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

Girls on Asiame.com have to verify their ID to use the platform. So, every single profile you see has been verified by the administration.

Is messaging free?

No, to use communication tools your credit balance should be positive. In the section above you can learn more about prices for the credits.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Verification link is sent instantaneously, so you do not have to wait hours or even days to get your account activated.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

Refrain from using some old passwords, try not to tell your profile data to dates, and use reliable email.

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