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Find A Fantastic Indian Mail Order Bride: Indian Women For Marriage

Find A Fantastic Indian Mail Order Bride: Indian Women For Marriage

India is a peculiar country in terms of dating. Strong patriarchal system, potent Hindu and Muslim-driven practices, limited social mobility due to casteism, and many other factors restrict the inflow of Western dating culture into this country. In rural areas of India, orthodox Hindu families youngsters are still not allowed to choose a partner for life. Parents still do this for them.

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The good news, however, is that it’s not a mass phenomenon anymore. Within the past decades, significant shifts in Indian dating culture have taken place. Parents have become less restricting to their children, more women started obtaining the education, and many superstitions have been left aside. Therefore, Indian girls in such big cities as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad and others get the right to choose their destiny.

Many of them travel abroad to the home or workplaces of their husbands. Indian brides are ready for such a challenge in the name of love. In this Indian brides review, we will talk about what makes Western men interested in these ladies, why they become mail order wives, how to date an Indian beauty and so on.

Why do men want to marry Indian women?

Indian mail order brides are becoming more popular nowadays. As Indian societal norms are getting less tightened, more men come to India to seek wives. Because Indian women are just perfect for that. Here’s what attracts foreigners in Indian brides.

Indian girls are magically beautiful

Indian women are legendary for their beauty. Actresses from Bollywood are conquering the world, shifting beauty standards for everyone. Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, and Aishwarya Rai are those who make the heads of men from all over the world spin round. Many Indian girls look like them, but there’s even more than that.

Genuine Indian beauties are even more diverse than Bollywood actresses – there are around 500 million women in India, and their diversity is visible across Indian states. What unites all of them is the fantastic beauty, which we will talk about later.

Indian women are ideal spouses

Indian ladies attract men also because they are perfect for marriage. They are ready for this from a young age (18 let’s say), they have strong family values, and they are altruistic when it comes to their close ones.

As far as the domestic life is concerned, Indian women are very good at managing house life and dealing with the chores (even though very often they need a maid to help them because they are used to living in large houses). On top of everything, they are great cooks – they can cook every day and even several times a day, and their meals are like food from heaven.

Indian girls are fun

Indian girls nowadays aren’t the same as some twenty years ago. If you go to India, you won’t see women wearing sari everywhere – only those who are married and often only in traditional communities. Indian girls wear jeans, short dresses and whatever they want. They go partying and clubbing, they can drink, and have fun just like any other girl would do. Dating an open-minded Indian beauty is a dream for thousands of Western men.


The appearance of Indian mail order brides

Indian women are very beautiful, it is undoubted. The secret of their beauty lies down in genes, lifestyle and culture. Let’s see how these three factors are manifested in real life.

Indian girls are super diverse

There’s no such thing as the typical appearance of an Indian woman. The diversity of women in India is off the scale. This diversity isn’t explicit when comparing North (Delhi girls) to South (South Indian girls), West (Marathi girls) to East (Bengali girls) but it’s also visible across regions where people speak different languages, dress up differently and look differently.

Indian girls have different complexion – from dark and sun-kissed to pale and fair. They are of different height – from short to middle height and some of them are tall. Indian women usually have gigantic black or hazel eyes, straight and wavy jet-black hair, seductive lips, snow-white smiles, and thick beautiful eyebrows.

Indian women are curvaceous

It’s pretty rare to see Indian girls thin. That’s because in India a healthy and beautiful woman is the one with the curves. Indian girls do practice sport, they dance a lot (and that’s a whole different story!), and they are proud of their curves!

Indian girls love dressing up

Indian women adore wearing beautiful clothes. And it doesn’t matter if they are traditional kurtas or saris or modern fashionable dresses or casual clothes. Indianladies adorn themselves with expensive jewelry (they are crazy about gold and gemstones, keep that in mind) and love wearing beautiful makeup. It’s not like they don’t look attractive without it, but they look much more impressive as their advantages are emphasized.


What are Indian brides like?

Indian mail order brides are very much different from women for marriage in other countries. Here’s how:

If she loves you, she will care about you like a mother

Many women are caring and affectionate, but Indian brides bring it to a whole new level. They do care like mothers about their boyfriends and husbands, they love them unconditionally, do anything for them to feel good.

Indian girls aren’t very demanding

If you are middle class, an Indian girl will not expect you to bring her the moon from the sky. They are humble and modest girls, who keep their expectations low. But this doesn’t mean one has the right to disrespect them.

Indian brides have high morals and are very educated

Indian society is very strict. Youngsters are expected to abstain from sex before marriage and so on. Even though in practice it’s rarely like this, Indian girls are decent. They make faithful wives, they are careful with their words and behavior. If you want to date an Indian woman, forget about one night stands, friends with benefits and so on, she isn’t made for that.

Also, they are highly educated. Indian girls from good families for sure have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering (software or construction), law or medicine – these are the most popular specializations in this country. Indians study thoroughly. Therefore, your Indian girlfriend will easily find a job elsewhere.


Why do Indian women become mail order brides?

There is a huge imbalance in the male to female ratio in India. Women make up only around 48% of the entire India population. Due to traditions, it’s the family of the bride who has to pay huge dowries. Therefore, many Indian parents avoided giving birth to girls for financial reasons. So now there are much fewer women (by some 37 million) than men in India.

It may seem that there shouldn’t be any marriage problems for Indian girls, yet there are. That’s why they dream of marrying foreigners.

  • Indian girls don’t want to live in a patriarchal society. Once an Indian girl marries according to local traditions, many obligations and expectations lie on her shoulders. Very often they are unrealistic like getting an education but quitting a job for the family, being submissive, serving the husband and all his relatives, cooking and cleaning, forgetting about dreams. Very often Indian women end up in arranged marriages. So all of them who want to escape such destiny, become mail order brides and seek love with more progressive men.
  • They can’t find a match because of casteism or religion. Some progressive Indian girls have gone through tough love trials – they fell in love with a guy of different caste (or even sub-caste) or religion, and the guys’ parents didn’t approve. These girls realize they need to check alternatives which are Western men.
  • Indian women long for pure love. Even if a love marriage happens in India, the culture of living in a marriage in this country is very different from how Westerners behave. Even though there’s love, there’s also a lot of commitment, serving and especially to the relatives of both sides (in India, it’s not just the couple getting married but two families). Those girls, who are tired of this approach, marry foreigners and forget about such obligations

What makes Indian women desirable wives?

  • They are exclusively caring and dedicated. They will stay with you through thick and thin.
  • An Indian wife is not just a wife, she’s the best friend of her husband.
  • Indian wives respect their husbands and appreciate their kindness.
  • Progressive Indian brides also want to work and earn money, which is perfect for the family.
  • An Indian wife is an expert in cooking.
  • They are very respectful to parents (perhaps, more than anybody else).
  • Indian women are excellent at parenting.

How to date an Indian girl?

If you are ready and interested in dating an Indian mail order bride, here are some tips for you:

  • Become friends with her and, if possible, befriend her friends. Indian girls have high morals and they come from a conservative society, so they don’t open up fast. If you want to gain her trust, start with the friendship.
  • Forget about the stereotypes. If you approach her on a mail order bride site, don’t start a conversation by saying how much you love curry, asking her about Bollywood movies or inquiring whether she praises cows. This way you will only show your illiteracy and kill the mood.
  • Present gifts. Indian girls love gifts – from small souvenirs to clothes and jewelry. Of course, they won’t expect you to invest too much, they’re humble, but it’s a good strategy to win over her heart.
  • Show your serious intentions. Indian brides don’t date for the sake of dating. They’re looking for real husbands. If you can assure her that you’re stable, confident and serious, she will be yours.

What will your life be like with an Indian wife?

If you marry an Indian woman, your life will never be the same. The cultural differences will spice up the mundane life and make you think out of the box all the time. See what happens once you have an Indian wife:

  • You will get used to eating spicy food (very spicy, even super hot) and she will spoil you by cooking fresh food all the time
  • Your personal boundaries will shrink as you will have her relatives visiting you at any time
  • You will enjoy gossiping about other people
  • She will give you the best movie recommendations
  • You will get free yoga classes (because she started doing yoga before it became mainstream)
  • You will become proud of the Indian culture (it’s infectious)
  • You will be loved like a son

Top myths about Indian brides debunked

What’s true and what’s not about Indian male order brides?

Myth #1. Indian women will never marry you

It is also falsely believed that Indian girls just want to have fun. It is assumed that they have «white men fetish», want to date Western men, but never plan to marry them. Why? Because, supposedly, their parents would arrange the marriage for them with somebody else at the end.

That’s not true. Those Indian women who have registered on mail order bride sites already know that they can marry a foreigner, they have been checked by marriage agencies and there’s no issue at all.

Myth #2. Indian brides are submissive

Indian women are not submissive, they are humble and modest, but they can speak up for themselves. They deserve respect and don’t want to be treated as maids in the marriage.

Myth #3. Indian girls are immature

In South Asian, as in Asia overall, women for long have been raised as dependent on men, elder female relatives and so on. But the times are changing. So they do for India. Women here can choose which universities to enter for studying and what kind of partner they want for marriage. So no, not all Indian women are immature.


How to find an Indian mail order bride?

It’s not practical at all to start looking for an Indian bride in India itself. That’s because you may never know which of the girls can marry or at least date a foreigner. The best option is through time-tested Indian mail order bride sites. There are listed profiles of girls, whose identities have been verified by bride agencies. These girls go through interviews with dating experts and are ready to seek their foreign husbands.

  • Register on the best Indian mail order bride site.
  • Reach out to as many girls as possible.
  • Stay in touch via video and audio calls with the Indian girl you like the most.\
  • Send her gifts – it’s a big deal in India if you want to impress her.
  • Be ready – an Indian woman doesn’t date for too long, she either chooses to be in a relationship with you or not. If she’s still with you, she’s highly interested.
  • Don’t rush things up – come to see her in India to talk about things.
  • Meet her parents if you want to marry her, but note that if they reject, most likely there’s nothing you will be able to do. If they accept you – congratulations!


Dating Indian mail order brides is different from dating any other ladies. Women in India grew up in a conservative society but now they’re opening up and becoming more westernized. Indian girls are known for their fantastic beauty and cooking skills. They are also very intelligent and caring. Marrying an Indian woman is a dream for many men. If you’re one of them – start searching for the best Indian mail order bride site!

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