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Venezuelan Mail Order Brides: Characteristics, Pricing And Secrets Of Single Women From Venezuella

Venezuelan Mail Order Brides: Characteristics, Pricing And Secrets Of Single Women From Venezuella

Having such a partner is a trump card, but not every guy is lucky to draw it. Are you ready to be one of them? Learn more about beautiful Venezuelan brides and how to steal their hearts now!

For some reason, they can’t find their beloved among local men, so they utilize internet technologies. No matter how far you are from your potential spouse, you have the opportunity to communicate, flirt, and arrange the date.

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These stunning beauty princesses have many features making them desirable belles and perfect wives. Their beauty attracts many foreign men and tourists in the country. Moreover, local people are known as ones of the healthiest on the planet. There’re the best features from each race in their genes. Be sure your future wife is healthy and can give birth to your kids without any problems. Continue reading and get deep into details about these enviable brides.

Who is a Venezuelan mail order bride?

A single woman from Venezuela who joins an online platform with the goal to meet a foreign partner and once marry him is known as a Venezuelan bride. Usually, such ladies have already tried building relationships with local men and have come to the conclusion that it isn’t the thing they’ve always wanted. Therefore, they decide to look for true love on the web, being highly attracted to men from other countries. Another reason that encourages stunning girls to become international Venezuelan brides is the necessity to meet their basic needs. The economic situation in the country is catastrophic, so ladies hope to get out of this blackhole hand-in-hand with a potential husband. 

Why are Venezuelan wives so special?

The popularity of ladies from Venezuela doesn’t need any research. However, this fact isn’t enough if you decide to bind your life with such a partner. Find out some reasons why they’re so desirable

These girls are passionate

Venezuelan brides do everything with love and dedication. Whether they’re cleaning the house or having an argument during a board game. They put all their hearts into conversations, especially if it’s a one on one. Once you meet a girl like that, you’ll recognize strength and devotion that comes from her soul.

Venezuelans are family oriented

The life of such a female revolves around her family. She tries to create and maintain a friendly atmosphere between all the family members. She knows how to create a cozy shelter and support others. In her motherland, women stay in touch with their parents even through their adult life. Undoubtedly, your potential spouse will love your mother and spend a great time together. Such a lady has all the necessary qualities to be an ideal wife and friend to your future kids.

They have loving nature

Do you have a soft spot for hot babes? If the Venezuelan bride falls in love, she loves you wholeheartedly.Venezuelan mail order wives can easily touch people who aren’t related to them. They aren’t shy to show their feelings in public, so you can hug and kiss her on the street forgetting about the confusion.

Venezuelan women know how to have fun

Citizens of this Venezuella are used to difficulties of life, that’s why they’re often in search of ways to improve their living conditions. But they aren’t materialistic, they just want to provide the abundance for their kids and create a healthy family where every member respects others. These pretty misses aren’t afraid of another culture, they’re ready to relocate with a foreign guy who’ll treat them with love. Moreover, the prospects outside the country are brighter than staying back.

They’re hard working

If you’re tired of aggressive and career-oriented ladies, women from Venezuela is the best option for you. They’re raised and taught to be polite and loyal with men, especially with husbands. When you have some problems at work, you can tell her everything without fear of misunderstanding. These girls are very caring and know the best way to provide you with moral support. Choosing such a partner for life, you get not only a seductive hottie but also a good and devoted friend.

She enjoys her life

It’s impossible to imagine such a lady always lying on the sofa in front of the TV screen. Multiple fun activities inspire them, making everyday lives brighter. Women from Venezuela always go somewhere and invent something new. With such a lady, you get an interesting experience every day and forget about your previous dating experience. Be sure you’ll never be bored! In addition, such a cutie can make you join in some of her hobbies. For example, dancing plays a huge role in their social life, and your new girlfriend can teach you how to do it well. If you’ve already learned, you have all the chances to melt her heart!


How much is it to buy mail order Venezuelan brides online?

Every project needs investment, but what to do if your project is a fabulous Venezuelan wife? Undoubtedly, it’s the most pleasant thing to spend money on a beloved person, so even online romances can’t be absolutely free of charge. When you decide to find a Venezuelan woman online and register for marriage with her, your possible expenditures may differ, but here you can learn the average amounts for all steps to be completed.

  1. Premium website services: there are sites with a monthly subscription from $50 per month and ones running on a prepaid basis where members usually spend $100 – $200 per month, depending on their activity.
  2. Courtship: all girls love attention from men, especially if these are flowers, gifts, and romantic surprises. Venezuelan ladies aren’t pampered much, so $500 a month on such trifles will be enough.
  3. Tour to Venezuela: when you decide to see your epitome of beauty with your own eyes buy tickets for $500 – $800, book a hotel room for a week for $110 – $140 per night, prepare $50 for meals and $100 for moving around and having fun every new day too.
  4. Marriage registration: it’s cheap to have a simple ceremony in Venezuela, while a wedding with lots of guests may reach $5,000.
  5. Moving: when your new wife from Venezuela agrees to relocate to your place of living, you should pay for a visa (around $250) and order flight tickets for her ($500 – $800).

It means that you may spend between $6,000 – $15,000 to get your Venezuelan soulmate!

What are their national appearance traits?

Now Hispanic people may seem to be pretty similar, and sometimes it’s hard to recognize their nationality. Nonetheless, there are some aspects that differ between these Latin countries.

Curvy figures

Venezuelan ladies have amazing bodies. They’re well proportioned and stay juicy for a long time. They have cute butts and thick thighs. Women tend to go to the gym or do some outdoor activities to keep their bodies fit and their skin tanned. They pass this DNA trait through generations and are proud to show it off!

Extremely attractive looks

These Latin brides have pretty brown eyes and beautiful olive skin. Their faces are usually cute and make you smile whenever you see one. You can say Venezuelan brides are gorgeous! They take care of their skin and all the beauty attributes. Your girl can spend a long time in the bathroom pampering herself, but then you’ll see the most stunning wife you could ever get!

Adoration of fashion

Latin women are stylish. They love colors and aren’t afraid to mix trends. You can find girls who wear only brands and those who wear usual clothes but still make it look great. They’re free to express themselves in their fashion style. Moreover, they also love loungewear, so you’ll enjoy a chance to get cozy and cuddle up together.


What are Venezuelan brides like?

Venezuelan ladies have great personalities. They are the warmest and most caring creatures on earth. What else do you need to know about them?

They are very flirtatious (or aren’t they?)

We have briefly mentioned before that touching and hugging is very common among Venezuelans. They can seem «flirty» even with their friends and relatives. But in fact, they are not. They are just warm and friendly, and that’s how these feelings are expressed in Venezuelan manner. If you happen to be near a Venezuelan woman and if she gives you a big smile, touches your chest or arm, tilts her head, fixes her hair all the time – well, you may think she is flirting. But she might not be – so better wit for a longer time to find out if she has any special feelings for you.

Venezuelan girls are passionate

Venezuelan women are very expressive. They can be very loud (both when they are happy or angry), they use lots of gestures and so on. They sometimes can even be dramatic – can make a big deal out of a little problem. But don’t worry – they also get over it quickly. If you think that your Venezuelan mail order bride is mad at you – give her time, she will calm down. Venezuelan girls know what they want. So if she wants to stay in a relationship with you, she will stay, and dramas are just little dramas for them. So yeah, if you’re dating a Venezuelan woman, know that you’re dating a storm of emotions.

Punctuality isn’t their forte

There’s such a thing in Latin America – Latin Standard Time. For some reason, it gives Latinas from 15 minutes to a few hours opportunity to get late. And they will have a ton of excuses for that – well, some of them may not even have to find an excuse, because no one is ever late, everyone is just relaxed about time. So once you start dating a Venezuelan bride, be ready for delays, it is normal in the country where she comes from.


Why do Venezuelan mail order wives opt for online dating?

It’s one of the main questions people ask when it comes to the mail order brides. They wonder what makes these girls want to move from their country and marry a foreigner. These points will explain the basic reasons brides do that.

They want to escape their life

It’s a known fact that life in Venezuela isn’t easy. It’s especially hard for young girls as they’re growing and have to start their own life soon. Many ladies are on the lookout for better conditions to ease their being. Working day and night can be tiring and dehumanizing, even for such a hardworking nation.

They’re looking for opportunities

Women aren’t given a lot of freedom and choice in that country. Due to this reason, they’re trying to find ways on how to get a nicer job or apply for a superior university. They’re looking for prospects to find the way to their desired life and final outcomes. It’s hard to think they only become mail order brides for these reasons. But no one leaves out the chance of them actually falling in love with their potential partners.

They aren’t satisfied with their own men

Latin men are different. Every nation has its own benefits and disadvantages. Venezuelan men can be possessive and controlling. It doesn’t apply to every man though! Anyway, ladies are looking for someone who can appreciate them and help them grow together as a couple. Mutual support and respect are what every girl in the world wants!

Benefits of marrying women from Venezuela

If you settle down with such a gorgeous lady, your life will change for better. You can expect the following:

  • Stable and fascinating sexual life
  • Warm family circle
  • New delicious meals every day
  • Hot dances and relax
  • Various activities and happy time together!

How do you date a girl like that?

As you’re about to indulge into mingling with Venezuelan brides, you have to know a few points that can help you win your girl over! Pay your close attention and take some notes.

  • Respect her decisions and personal choices. Don’t try to press your own opinion onto her. She has enough of it with local men around.
  • Be the man in the relationship. Take responsibility for the first steps and always surprise her with the little things she loves.
  • Compliment her! Recognize her inner and outer beauty. It’s easy to talk about how sexy she is, but she also wants to hear how smart or funny she can be.
  • Make her laugh! If she doesn’t laugh with you, she won’t desire to continue the relationship more likely.
  • Take care of yourself. Look after your hygiene and style. Be yourself, but also try a bit harder to impress her.
  • Learn some cultural things about Venezuela or ask her about it. She’ll be happy to share!
  • Learn some Spanish for her. When it’ll be time to meet her family, you’ll be prepared to hold a conversation.

How will your life change after marrying a Venezuelan girl?

  • Her family will know everything about you and they will treat you like their son;
  • Your Venezuelan wife will make you dance all the time – relax and don’t take yourself too seriously;
  • You will know when to expect her dramas and will be good at managing them;
  • She will share with you the most passionate nights ever;
  • Your Venezuelan wife will make sure you eat arepas (all Venezuelan men love them, and she doesn’t care that you aren’t one);
  • You will be happy with her all the time!

Famous myths about Venezuelan mail order brides

Coming to this point, everybody knows these girls are exquisitely pretty and sexy. Therefore, a lot of people think this factor is changeable and can be artificially enhanced.

Myth #1. Every girl opts for a plastic surgery

These kinds of operations are pretty popular in the Latin countries. However, you shouldn’t confuse minor changes in appearance with the major interventions. Lots of Venezuelan brides come from not so successful families, so they don’t have an appropriate budget for it. Moreover, these women treasure their heritage. Only a little percent of the whole population does these surgeries. Besides, you’ll notice if something is “adjusted” when you check ladies’ profile pictures.

Myth #2. They’re gold diggers

As the country is relatively poor and doesn’t have a good economy, people think online dating and marrying a foreign man can bring money to their family and personal life. Many believe these kinds of relationships are built on mutual benefit, rather than on love. That ladies offer themselves in return to the fortune they get. It’s not true at all! Of course, you can meet people who will chase after millions, but there are also heaps of genuine girls who value man’s soul and character!

Myth #3. All Venezuelan girls do plastic surgery

Plastic surgery among women in Venezuela is legendary. There was indeed a splash in cosmetic operations among Venezuelans, but it doesn’t mean that all girls do it. Many simply can’t afford it, and why would they need it if they’re stunning anyways?


How can you find your Venezuelan mail order bride?

Now that you have decided to actually take some action on your journey to your happy marriage with a Venezuelan girl, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make a good research on the top online dating sites offering you to meet Venezuelan mail order brides.
  2. Choose the best one for you and consider the number of people on the site, success stories, platform’s services, and pricing reasonability.
  3. Sign up for the venue and make your profile look good by adding descriptive texts about yourself.
  4. Search the long list for the potential matches and choose the girls you like.
  5. Start conversations with your crushes and see where it leads you.
  6. Once you find the girl you fancy the most, keep on talking and evolving your relationship.
  7. Keep tabs on her and make effort in remembering little things about her.
  8. Ask her out on a date or fly to her country to surprise her.
  9. Be initiative and meet her family to show your intentions are serious.


Brides from Venezuela are mostly extroverted and active. Music rhythm is in their blood, that’s why there are many great dancers among local people. Due to the special charisma and combination of different roots, these women are extremely gorgeous. Such a woman isn’t only attractive physically, but also has a deep inner world. She keeps secrets and supports you in bad times, what else men can dream about? If you seek a gorgeous, passionate, active, and faithful wife, the Venezuelan mail order bride is an ideal pick for you!

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