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Brazilian Mail Order Brides: How to Date and Marry Brazilian Women?

Brazilian Mail Order Brides: How to Date and Marry Brazilian Women?

If you’re looking to tie up your life with an ardent, family-focused, energetic woman, consider Brazilian wives first! Brazilian women are typically Latinas brides: tanned skin, curvy shapes, fiery eyes, and flamboyant personalities. They’re into partying, hanging out with friends, and spicing up their lives in any way possible.

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However, what if you can’t say a word in Portuguese, have never been to Brazil, and are all at sea about the Brazilian mindset? This creates a huge obstacle on your way to approaching a Brazilian girl. This is why the WifeNow team gathered this guide about Brazilian mail order brides—from their psychology to the bride’s cost, our dating experts put all their weight to help you meet your Latin love.

Why are Western men so mad about Brazilian brides?

‌Men like different girls. Some love shy and humble, others prefer outgoing and sociable. Some like affectionate and emotional. What is so magnifying in Brazilian girls that many men are fond of? Let’s see.‌

They are confident and bold

‌Brazilian brides live in a very open society. People there never mince words. They don’t pretend to be someone they are not. If something is on their mind, they say it to your face but not behind your back. They are true to themselves. It makes them feel positive and secure. So men are attracted to these powerful girls who can make a heart beat faster. Relationships with a Brazilian bride are full of fire and excitement.


They are sensual

‌ They are born with hot blood. It boils in their veins. It blows in a cocktail of passion and love. To reveal this ardor, girls become sensually dangerous. They want to give love. They need someone to take it or otherwise, it’ll make them go mad. That’s why they dance. Have you ever seen how Latinos move when they feel a fire inside? They dance like it’s their last chance or last breath. Actually, that’s a philosophy of their life – to live to the full.

They are fun

‌ Brazil is a hot country. The bright sun there makes people shine. They radiate happiness, joy, and pleasure. Date a Brazilian bride and she’ll make you much more positive. These girls are mostly optimists and men usually catch their rhythm and enthusiastically follow their mood of a constant holiday. But don’t think they’re never upset or feel bad. Sometimes all people are. Still, Brazilians are a very sunny nation.

What is the appearance of Brazilian girls?

‌ Although Brazilian women look different and each of them has something special, there are some features which many of them have in common. Let’s see what they are.

Sexy curves

‌ A typical Brazilian bride isn’t bony or slim. They got tempting and seductive forms. These curves attract men like magnets. They want to touch and feel perfectly smooth skin. Have you ever seen a Brazilian beach and women in a bikini there? Just admit, no one can take their eyes away when they see a gorgeous woman bathing in the sun. And now imagine having a wife with a body of a goddess! You have all the chances for that!‌

Fit bodies

‌ Even though Brazilian ladies are lucky to inherit good genetics and they already have athletics bodies, they don’t take it for granted. While many girls from other countries go to plastic surgeons and ask to make a “bigger booty”, Brazilians follow a healthy diet, constantly work out, go jogging, and dancing. Their perfect looks aren’t a result of mere luck. It’s also a consequence of hard work and healthy habits.


‌ But the best thing is Brazilian brides differ from one another in many ways. Not all of them are necessarily curvaceous. You can easily meet a slim girl (but it won’t make her less attractive). They also have different hair colors. A lot of them are dark-haired, of course. But blondes live in Brazil too. It’s all a result of their heritage. They have ancestors from many European and Asian countries and that’s why they look so different and exotic.


What are the traits of Brazilian brides?

Brazilian women have very nice personalities. Unfortunately, they are left unnoticed because many men pay attention only to their outer beauty. Let us tell what’s special about Brazilian women and what they are like.

They are honest

Honesty is a big deal for these women in South America. They avoid lying and expect the men they date to be honest too. Especially, they want them to be honest as far as the relationship is concerned. Brazilian women will tell you directly whether they want a hookup or a serious relationship. But they hate men who say «it’s serious» but disappear later.

Brazilian brides are fast in relationships

Brazilian girls don’t need long wooing. They don’t need all those candies and flowers periods like, let’s say, Eastern European girls do. You blink wrong, she will become your wife and a mother of your children before two years mark since you first met.

They don’t understand sarcasm

Brazilian brides are funny. They have a great sense of humor and their laughter is infectious. You will long for their smile and laughter. But if you come from the US or Europe, leave your local (we mean sarcastic) style of joking at the door. If you make a sarcastic joke in front of a Brazil girl, she just won’t understand you in the best scenario. The worst-case scenario is when she gets upset with you.


The reasons to search for a husband online

  • They want an ambitious partner. Brazilian brides look for a real man who will be head of the household, earn money and be responsible for the whole family. They don’t need lazy self-centered young guys. It won’t bring happiness to them. To feel confident and safe, they search for a man with a good job, stable income, and plans to settle down.
  • They want to avoid cheating. Unfortunately, many men in Brazil cheat on their spouses. And it isn’t the worst thing that may happen to a woman there. Some men are abusive and domestic violence is flourishing. Not to repeat the mistake of their mothers, Brazilian mail order brides go online and seek for a mature, reliable and supportive husband to be sure they won’t regret marrying.
  • They want to live in another country. Many Brazilian brides live in poor districts with a high crime rate. They come from needy families, can’t get a good education, or find a well-paid job. To stop living in constant poverty, they dream of meeting a strong, financially successful man they can move to. It gives a chance for a better life for a girl and for her family as well.

Are Brazilian brides potential perfect wives?

Absolutely! Don’t listen to people who say Brazilian women are the worst for marriage. Perhaps, they mean girls who you can meet on a beach or in a nightclub and who don’t search for anything but a hookup. But it’s the same all over the world! Now see what makes a Brazilian mail order bride a perfect wife:

  • She wants to have a strong family with warm ties
  • A Brazilian bride respects her parents, she will respect yours too
  • She is super hot & sexy, so your matrimonial life will never be boring
  • These women are very caring moms
  • A Brazilian woman will go anywhere with you
  • She will make sure you always look good

Sounds convincing? Find out how to date a Brazil girl!


Best recommendations to date a girl from Brazil

Express your feelings. Remember? Brazilian girls are passionate and affectionate. Nothing will stop her from demonstrating how she feels about you. She’ll say it to you right away. And what about you? Are you also that open? Or do you tend to be reserved mostly? Anyway, even if you aren’t used to expressing your emotions so easily, she’ll teach you with her own example.

Be supportive. She might seem as strong and independent, but inside she wants to be weak and cared about. Once again, try to demonstrate your love more. Help her as much as you can. Give her compliments and flowers. Repeat how beautiful and special she is. Be a man she can trust and rely on. Support her when she needs it. When she goes mad and starts arguing, don’t try to prove you’re right immediately. Listen to her and try to understand what exactly she’s trying to tell you.

Why do Brazilian wives look to marry a US guy?

From most countries, Brazil sees many emigrations from year to year. Many mail order brides from Brazil are eager to marry a guy from the US, and here are the reasons for that:

  • Brazil is a poor country. Many Brazilian brides are looking to implement their goals or just alter their living conditions in a highly developed country since Brazil currently experiences a piteous economical situation and can’t give a lot of opportunities.
  • Brazil is also dangerous. Many women from Brazil commented—their origin can’t boast of being safe and reliable to their citizens. Brazilian wives are looking to marry a US citizen to relocate to a more safe country.
  • Americans seem attractive to Brazilian women. Finally, we asked on Quora, and it occurred that Brazilian women find American guys perfect for marriage and just cute—many girls don’t mind or are eager to date an American man.

How to buy mail order brides from Brazil?

We gathered all the prices you may face during your online dating to find a Brazilian wife and an in-person meeting with mail order Brazilian brides all the costs were assembled from official sources, and some are based on the personal experience of our dating coaches. Check them away!

Dating website fees

$300 for three months.

Presents and gifts ordering

$500 for one gift.

Arranging a date via the website


Here is approximate amount of money that you may spend if you’ll go to Brazil.

Tickets booking for two ways


Accommodation for two weeks




Dating activity (restaurants, cafes, adventures)


And the ammount of wedding cost with a Brazillian bride.

Wedding ceremony cost


K-1 visa cost


Spouse visa cost


The total of all expenses

$9,510 ($4,510 if excluding wedding)

Here’s how a Brazilian wife will make your life fun

  • You will always be surrounded by an unbridled passion
  • You will fall in love with Brazil because your wife and her family are patriots
  • You will be in love with your wife’s extended family
  • Your Brazilian wife will surprise you every day
  • She will always be in physical contact with you
  • Your Brazilian wife will be super loyal
  • You will never hear her complaining
  • You will learn how to dance
  • Your Brazilian wife will follow you everywhere

Top myths about Brazilian brides debunked

Brazilian girls are the target of hurtful gossip. But we know that people talk behind their backs only because they are stunning and haters can’t stand it! Let’s see what stereotypes have been created about Brazilian male order brides.

Myth #1. Brazilian brides are gold-diggers

There are gold-diggers among girls, in every nation. But if a Brazilian mail order bride is curious about your financial status, it’s not because she wants your money but because she wants to be sure she doesn’t marry a guy who will be a financial burden to her.

Myth #2. Brazilian women are hysterical

No comments. Yes, Brazilian girls are fervent, ardent in love, and they can be dramatic in conflicts. A bit more dramatic than their Western counterparts, but they are not hysterical!

Myth #3. Brazilian girls are bad wives

Probably, it’s been said by men who searched for Brazilian wives in wrong places, like nightclubs. You can find a spouse there. Many Brazilian girls long for creating a family, bringing up children, and you can find them among mail order wives, but not girls who are interested in hookups.


How to find a Brazilian mail order bride?

It is very simple. This is a perfect algorithm for finding Brazil mail order brides:

  1. Research Brazilian mail order brides sites.
  2. Select a couple of the most reputable ones.
  3. Skip free sites (they are not safe, flooded with ads, spam and scam).
  4. Register on the best Brazil mail order bride sites.
  5. Work on your profiles (write attractive descriptions, add high-quality photos).
  6. Don’t wait for a woman of your dreams to fall on you from the sky – be active.
  7. Text Brazilian brides that you like, add them to your favorites, like their photos.
  8. Do a voice or video call with one or a few Brazilian women.
  9. You can also go on a romance tour to Brazil, organized by a brides agency.
  10. Narrow down your choice – it will happen naturally if you have already fallen in love.
  11. Stay in touch with your favorite Brazilian girl.
  12. Go on a date with her – visit her home country.
  13. Meet her parents – that’s crucial.
  14. Is she the one? Start working on the documents to get married!

It may look a bit simpler here than in reality, but at least you got a hint in which direction you should move. Go ahead!

The bottom line.

Brazilian mail order brides are really special. Their natural beauty, perfect bodies, positive attitude to life, and hot nature are a perfect mix for those men who want to keep it spicy. Your life will never get boring and you’ll never be stuck in the tedious everyday routine if you marry a Brazilian woman. Don’t waste a minute. Go and find your dream girl today!

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