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Are Slavic Mail Order Brides The Best Spouses For Foreign Men?

Are Slavic Mail Order Brides The Best Spouses For Foreign Men?

It’s no wonder many guys from western countries prefer Slavic mail order wives for romantic affairs and marriage. These women belong to one of the best belles on our planet. If you’ve ever thought about online dating, you should know more details and features of these charming cuties.

Everyone has heard about devoted and caring women from Russia and Ukraine. They’re known as perfect spouses with strong family values. Today, international matrimonies become more and more popular because the divorce rate is quite low and there’re many success stories about romances between western men and Slavic girls. Undoubtedly, these ladies are intelligent, romantic, and hard-working. Such a spouse quickly adapts to your culture and traditions. She doesn’t put the goal to leave her motherland in the first place – she just searches for a decent and faithful gentleman to create a harmonious family.

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🇸🇰 Slovakian Wives

Central Europe is a gold mine when it comes to mail order brides. Women in this region are independent yet family-oriented, they cherish traditional values and are ready to start families at a young age. Moreover, they are extremely open to dating foreigners. Slovakian brides aren’t an exception.These...

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Slavic brides: who are these girls?

Slavic brides are women seeking men abroad. Some of them cannot travel a lot because of work or financial problems, and they try to find their perfect match using dating sites. Men come to those platforms too, looking for wives, and there happens the miracle of love on a distance. Communication may lead to meeting and dating, and may even lead to a marriage.

There are various reasons of why these girls try to find their perfect match among foreigners, but Western men seem to be happy with it. There is no surprise why they are happy: such feminine and intelligent ladies are the real treasure for successful men.

You should know why a lot of men suppose these women to be a treasure. Before you go to a dating site, you need enough info about Slavic brides: their traditional features, desires, and pitfalls that are waiting for you on the road to happiness. Please, read our guide before making any decisions. You will either decide that you need to find a bride among other ladies or will get more inspired to find love among Eastern European beauties.


What is so unique about beautiful Slavic belles?

Ask any foreign guy what he thinks about these ladies, and the word “hot” is the first he says. However, not all of them have those seductive shapes a lot of Latinas have, but every lady is attractive in her own way. These princesses aren’t so shy and obedient as Chinese women. Nevertheless, they always take the leading places when it comes to the dating market. Do they have special secrets? Why thousands of foreign men lose their heads communicating with them? All the stories about happy international families aren’t fakes. Take a closer look at the secret components of their attraction making men worldwide go crazy.

They’re captivating

The word “beauty” is often associated with charming Slavic girls. They’re aware of their physical attraction and know how to highlight strong traits. One of the secrets of their charm is a mix of the eastern and western roots. For many years, different communities lived in the area of today’s Russia – the Proto-Indo-Europeans, Slavs, Scandinavians, Mongol-Tatars, Germanic peoples, and many others. Nowadays, you can find over 100 nationalities here and 27 official languages. All this mix has boiled in Slavic territories for centuries. As a result, we get a wonderful combination of the East and the West: high cheekbones and a round face, the softness of lines, light skin, green or blue or gray eyes, and light or dark brown locks.

Your potential spouse loves your mom

Everyone has heard numerous jokes about the complexity of family relationships: a son-in-law with a mother-in-law or a daughter-in-law with a mother-in-law. The reason for family problems can be different mindsets, habits, and tastes. When you bind your life with such a lady, she tries to find a common language with your mother. She is ready to go shopping together, discuss favorite recipes or films. Forget about family quarrels!

Your cutie always develops

Self-developing is an essential part of her life. With such a spouse, you’ll never be bored! You can always learn something new and share your own point of view. Having a person who represents a different culture by your side is something really fascinating. Your partner knows how to spend quality time and make your usual evening adventurous.

She has a perfect sense of humor

Instead of being sensitive, Slavic brides are inclined to have a sharp sense of humor. They understand your jokes and never say anything that can hurt your feelings.

Family-oriented ladies

Unlike western females, these cuties dream to create a happy family since the teenage. They aren’t so focused on the career like your local women and ready to marry at their twenties. Usually, they have a good pattern of relationships and dream to build a full family too. They put it in the first place and devote a lot of effort into maintaining a warm connection and create a cozy atmosphere. No doubt, your spouse does all her best to make a shelter for you.

You can expect your beloved has excellent cooking skills. You’ve never eaten such tasty dishes with fragrant spices. She’s ready to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to surprise you every day with original meals. With such a spouse you forget about hunger!

How to win the heart of a Slavic lady?

If you’re a wealthy man from the West, it isn’t enough to melt the heart of such a cutie. Here’re some helpful tips that are effective while getting acquainted and dating.

Make your date unusual

If you’ve arranged a real date with your potential bride, try to make it unforgettable! A usual dinner in the cafe doesn’t impress so much as the invitation on the hike. You may gather your friends or go on a weekend trip to the sea with your beloved. Meet the sunset on the roof, go together to the pool, or arrange a tasty dinner on the beach. Be certain she appreciates your efforts and you’ll be rewarded!

Good manners impress her

The simplest signs of attention proves your respect and admiration. Don’t forget to help put on a coat, hold the door, etc. These little things make you a step closer to your lady. Every miss dreams of a genuine prince and appreciates good manners. There’s a huge selection of literature on this topic on the internet, so you can learn more about etiquette.

Offer to pay for dinner

Today modern females prefer to pay for their bills, but if you offer to pay for it, she won’t refuse you. It isn’t a pressure, and undoubtedly, your new passion understands you just want to show interest and care. She isn’t a wild feminist who can consider it as you try to buy her or something else. Such a lady recognizes every sign of attention and lets you be a gentleman.

Call after your first meeting

Very often after date women wonder when he’ll call? Even if she seems cold and doesn’t show her feelings, she waits for your goodnight wish. Don’t be afraid of looking silly – if such a lady gives her phone number, you’re to her taste. When she wants to refuse you, she does it immediately. If she didn’t do it, you have all the chances to melt her heart !

Tell her several pleasant words

Sweet words about her appearance or personality touch the heart of a Slavic girl. As you know, she devotes a part of рук time to look perfect and appreciates compliments a lot. It doesn’t mean she gladly listens to standard phrases about her beautiful eyes or hair. Sometimes they can be obvious and unoriginal. If you notice something new in her look, try to be sincere and just tell her that it delights you.

More about kisses

Do you think your romantic evening was perfect? If your girlfriend doesn’t avoid long eye contact, bows her head, and sincerely smiles, hold her hand and kiss her goodbye. Keep in mind, performing this “ritual” is almost entirely up to you. You should be attentive and understand when it’s time for it. The language of her guests and body can help you. Don’t take things further if you see your girl is shy or ignore your attempts. Be wise and polite in any case.


Why do these hotties prefer foreign guys?

There’re many myths about Slavic mail order brides. They say they just want your wallet or to get away from their poor countries. But there’s a misconception. Continue reading to find out why these stunning beauty princesses decide to search for their perfect partners overseas.

They have no opportunity to find their love

Young ladies from small towns aren’t able to meet men who’ll touch their hearts in the local area. They use dating sources giving them wide opportunities to make new contacts and find their beloved from any part of the planet. It’s a wonderful chance to find a good husband regardless of your location.

They’re fond of other cultures

These stunning queens adore traveling and meeting new people. They try to get new experience and broaden their horizons. Interacting through dating portals lets them touch another life that is different from all they saw before. Such a partner is interested in your life, local traditions, daily habits, preferences, and more, so you have a lot of topics for discussion! She finds other countries very attractive and if you marry a Slavic lady, she’ll always value all your efforts and attention. Many young females dream about finding a foreign husband and raising kids in abundance, and it’s a normal thing.

They can’t end loneliness in their home country

What is the average age rate for marriage in your country? As usual, these ladies marry very early – when a girl is 20 years old her relatives begin to think and hint about grandchildren. They’re ready to help their lovely daughter with marriage and raising kids. When she is 25 and still alone, it can be hard to find an appropriate candidate. Some people may consider there’s something wrong with her, but it’s just a misconception. There are multiple reasons: it may be because she studied a lot in the university or have a part-time job, or have other priorities.

When she realizes she wants to create a family, she finds a lot of guys have already started their family lives. And she put her trust in marriage agencies as the easiest way to meet her ideal man abroad. There are no cultural obstacles that can stand on the way of true feelings. If you agree with it, hurry up to start your delightful romantic affair right now!


What are the risks of dating and marrying a Slavic bride?

If you realize that you have to make a Slavic beauty fall for you to be finally happy, you should understand that these women may differ a lot from those who you meet every day in your country. It may be difficult to communicate with them, not even talking about life together. But, we hope that you are ready for some difficulties! That is why we have prepared a list of possible risks you may face trying to get a Slavic girl. Forewarned is forearmed, right?

You need to be ready to deal with the following issues:

  1. Language issue is quite a problem. If you look for foreign beauties, you probably understand what is like to have no possibility to talk with a woman of your nationality and don’t come to an understanding. However, a girl from a Slavic country may trigger even more problems if she does not speak your language. Luckily, English is a very easy-to-learn language, so you should not worry about how to speak with your bride. Meanwhile, you can speak the body language, for example.
  2. You have different cultural background It is not a significant reason to be afraid of international marriages nowadays: people learn cultures of the other countries along with their own one. However, there may be some awkward situations with your friends and your woman understanding nothing from your jokes and stories. Share your lifestyle, history of your country, music, and movies and have a good time learning the same but Slavic.
  3. Both of you may not overcome stress after her moving to you. If your Eastern European girl moves to you or you decide to stay in her country, you should understand that there will be a lot of stressful moments. The new medical system, different laws, insurance, day-to-day issues, troubles with documents – all these may affect the mental health of you two. But, you may not even notice these problems if you dive into love and family, so try to focus on your happiness, not on the road to it.

How to make your date perfect with a Slavic mail order bride

We believe that it will be easy for you to charm a Slavic beauty and come to her for a date – or ask her to visit your country! It will be an incredible date, but we would like to help you a bit to make it unforgettable. Below you will find out little tips on how to charm your beautiful date.

  • Get her a bouquet. It may be a bit uncomfortable for a woman to carry a bouquet if you are going to walk through the parks in summer. So, if you want to go for a walk, get her a rose, for example, for her to see how much you care about her comfort even on a walk. If you want to spend an evening at a luxury restaurant or home, make your entrance shocking with a huge bunch of flowers!
  • Keep an eye contact. Do it when you give her a bouquet when you compliment her and her today’s outfit when you talk with her. She will be embarrassed with such attention – and you should measure the degree of your feelings showing for her not to shield herself from you.
  • Do not allow yourself to make a lot of physical contacts. Your gorgeous bride may think that you came for her body, not for her soul and mind. Do not scare your lady with too early kisses or something more – respect her personal space, at least on the first date.
  • Make some research on her country’s culture. It will make her glad if you greet her in her native language or appreciate her stories about her motherland.
  • Do not mess with stereotypes. Russian girls with vodka dancing to balalaika sounds is not even a joke anymore – it is an offense. Some girls may laugh at their culture, but it does not mean that you should start your date by asking her where can you see a bear. The answer will be “in a zoo,” complemented by saying goodbye to your happy relationships.


Women from Slavic countries are enviable spouses because they combine all the positive features western men can’t find in their local females. They put the family in the first place and adore kids. They aren’t feministic and aggressive, instead, they’re feminine and attractive even at home while cooking the dinner for you. Such a spouse allows you staying gentleman and the head of the family. She adores self-development and combines her job, active lifestyle, motherhood, and domestic chores. Marrying a Slavic bride, you can count on her and receive the best of support. These and many other characteristics make them ideal wives, mothers, and lovers for western men. If you share these values, one of these diamonds may become your destiny. Don’t hesitate and go ahead!

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