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Slovenian Brides: Find Slovenian Girls For Marriage Online

Slovenian Brides: Find Slovenian Girls For Marriage Online

Perhaps, many years ago, during history classes or on the news you heard about Yugoslavia, a socialist country which went through numerous turmoils and eventually divided into several independent countries. One of them is Slovenia. Yes, exactly that little country where the US’s current first lady Melania Trump comes from.

Slovenia is a Balkan country (unfortunately, very often confused with Slovakia), and Balkans are famous for beautiful nature and stunningly attractive women. What is so special about Slovene – or what they are also called – Slovenian brides? You will find out in this review.

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What attracts men in Slovenian brides?

American and European men go crazy about Slovenian women. Why? There are many other single ladies in Central and Eastern Europe. What makes them stand out among other brides?


When a Western man seeks a spouse, he expects a woman to comply with the following criteria: she should be good in sex, she should be caring, she should be his pride. Slovene mail order brides meet all of these expectations. Let’s see how.

They are well-mannered

Slovenian women are very polite,as Polish brides, they know how to behave in public and talk to people, including strangers. Their mannerism comes from the fact that Slovenia has been westernized (we’ll talk about it below). But don’t think it’s all artificial and is just about pretending. Slovene girls are like this because they were brought up like this. They have a kind nature, and that’s what buys Western men. It’s never a shame to go out with a Slovenian woman because she’s well-mannered, sincere and kind at heart.

Slovenian women are sexy

The beauty of Balkan girls in this country is legendary. Melania Trump, Sanja Grohar, Nives Orešnik – this list may go on and on, but one thing is clear for sure – Slovenian women are extraterrestrial. And it’s not only about famous models or actresses. All Slovenian women are beautiful outwardly and sexually appealing. They are just who they are.

They are westernized

Slovenes are proud that their country is closer to the West when it comes to values. So are Slovenian women. If you marry a woman from Slovenia, you don’t have to worry that you will be the only breadwinner in the family and that all the financial burden will be on your shoulders. Slovenian women are feminine and feminist at the same time, they are eager to grow professionally and earn money. Therefore, all the family responsibilities you and your spouse will share equally.

What do Slovenian ladies look like?

You already know that women from Slovenia are beautiful and sexy. We will describe their appearance more, but what you need to remember is that the beauty of Slovenian brides isn’t simply external. It’s all about their confidence, self-love and radiant charms that they possess. Hence, you better be careful when dating a Slovenian mail order bride – you will want to stick to her forever and never let go.

They take care of their bodies

Slovenian women love their natural endowments. They cherish them and make sure they are healthy and, therefore, look good. It’s common among Slovenian girls to go to the gym, eat healthily, avoid smoking and drinking (though they can have fun too!). Slovene mail order brides aren’t fans of tough makeup, but they do like emphasizing their strongest sides. They also love doing cosmetic procedures, so if you want to impress a Slovenian girl, give her a SPA certificate as a gift!

Slovenian girls are true «Belles»

Do you remember what Belle from «The Beauty and the Beast» looks like? That’s what the appearance of many Slovene girls is. They are average height, slim, with fair complexion or sometimes tanned (remember, they are Balkan girls?), and usually brunettes, however, blondes are also common in Slovenia.

The glance of a Slovenian woman is mesmerizing

Facial features of Slovenian women are… there are no words to describe their beauty. They have oval and square faces, sometimes with very vivid cheekbones, pink plump lips, straight noses, and thick eyebrows which accentuate their mesmerizing eyes. Slovenian women have green-gray, blue, and hazel eyes, and they are so deep that you can drown in them.


What are Slovene brides like?

If you decide to date a Slovenian mail order bride, you need to know what to expect from her behavior. Here are their main traits.

Slovenian girls are intelligent

These ladies are well-educated and smart. You won’t be able to play around with them as they know what they want and what they’re worth. If you want to impress a Slovene bride, stimulate her mind by bringing up controversial topics, they love engaging conversations.

They are warm-hearted

Slovene women are genuinely nice and kind. They value humanity and look for guys who are just like that. If you consider yourself a pleasant person, you have huge chances with Slovenian brides. But note that these girls take things to heart, so you should be careful with your words and treat them with respect.

These girls are princesses

Thanks to upbringing, Slovenian woman for marriage enjoys when a man takes care of her. It doesn’t mean pampering her with expensive things. It’s about giving a complete feeling of safety to your Slovenian bride and providing her a good life.

She wants to be weak and melt in her husband’s arms, but not to take all the responsibility only on herself. In turn, those females award men with total warmth and love. She’ll take care of the house and your positive spirit. If you marry a Slovenian girl, you marry a muse, who wants to inspire you to reach new heights every day.

Slovene girls are into long-term relationships

Are you ready for a long-term commitment or even marriage? Slovenian girls are what you need. Even though Slovenia is westernized, and there are no taboos in its dating culture, many local girls, even from the capital Ljubljana, would rather go for a serious relationship than a one-night stand. That’s because family values are super important for Slovenian women. They are just perfect for marriage and motherhood.


Why do Slovenian brides seek men overseas?

Slovenia is a small country. Its population is slightly above 2,084,000 citizens. Surprisingly, female to male ratio in this country doesn’t indicate drastic shortages of any sex. Slovenian population consists of 49.7% of males and 50.3% females. Yet, many Slovenian women choose foreigners over their fellows (foreigners, by the way, make up almost 6% of the country’s population). Slovenia is already part of the EU, so what are these women seeking?

  1. Slovenian brides seek love. Kind and affectionate in nature, Slovenian women seek love that they have never experienced before. They believe that Western men, e.g. Americans, British or French, can give them what their Slovenian counterparts are incapable of. Romance, compliments, and flirting are what they want to get from men.
  2. They seek someone with the same values. For Slovenian women need to be with someone ready to grow professionally and personally, someone who will never give up on the family, who will be eager to provide for it, and so on. If they can’t find these aspirations in Slovenian men, they go for foreigners.
  3. Slovenian girls are just open-minded. Slovenia is a progressive country. Women choose their destinies on their own. And since they are open-minded, for them nationality, ethnicity, and race of a spouse don’t matter. They are eager to explore the world, learn new things, and make new contacts. Marrying a foreigner is a life-changer for inquisitive Slovenian brides.

Why are Slovenian mail order brides good for marriage?

Slovenian girls possess many traits that define them as wife material. Here it is:

  • They are wise and take their time to make decisions
  • They combine traditionalist and progressive approaches in life (both family and career matter for them, and they can balance them very well)
  • They cook delicious meals worth the most famous Slovenian chefs’ masterpieces
  • They are kind and caring
  • They love children
  • They are feminine but know their rights
  • They are natural and don’t pretend to be somebody else
  • They’re smart and have good intuition
  • They are good at sex but prefer making love

Are you sure now you want a Slovenian wife? Read on to find out how to date Slovenian girls and marry a Slovene mail order bride.


How to date a Slovenian girl?

  • Don’t be afraid to approach them. For some reason, foreigners believe that Slovenian ladies, all Slavic brides, are cold-hearted snow-queens, but it isn’t like that. They are very friendly and open, especially to foreigners. Maybe, less than, let’s say, American girls, but still. You should make the first step and see what happens.
  • Treat her like a queen. Slovenian women pay attention to men who treat them exceptionally. They are beautiful and are quite used to all pickup methods that guys apply when dating or trying to impress them. Be creative, choose the most nontrivial flowers for them, make sure you know what they like before choosing a gift and so on.
  • Forget about mediocre jokes. Slovenian girls are proud and intellectual creatures. So if you want to win over the heart of one of them, don’t crack stereotypical jokes. For example, if you kid around saying that Slovenia is just like Slovakia (as both start with S and have good girls) or that it’s so small that people at different sides of the country yell to communicate, she will turn around and you’ll never see her again.
  • Show her you are a confident man. Slovenian women aren’t desperate to date foreigners, so don’t think your girl will run after you. They seek men capable of providing for the family (even though they can earn on their own). So if you invite her for a date, Slovenian etiquette says you will be the one to pay.

What will your life be like with a Slovenian wife?

Once you marry a Slovenian bride, your life will never be the same. These changes will happen to you:

  • You will fall in love with her cute accent in English.
  • You will enjoy your Slovenian wife’s delicacies like Potica and Žganci.
  • You Slovenian wife will become the soul of all family and friends get-togethers.
  • You may stop kissing and hugging relatives and friends in public – it’s not that much acceptable in Slovenian culture and your future mail order wife will educate you on it.
  • You Slovenian wife will make sure you engage in sport (if you aren’t yet) – Slovenian women are fit and are proud of their traditional sport like skiing.
  • You will have the most caring mother for your children.

Top myths about Slovenian brides debunked

Because Slovenia is a small country and has many neighbors, it is shrouded in stereotypes. So are its women, beautiful and intelligent. Let’s see what’s true and what is not about them.

Myth #1. They are distrustful

Slovenian women may seem cold and distant, but only at the beginning of any relationship or friendship. Slovenians joke, though, that it’s also when they are sober – once they drink a bit of beer or wine, their heart melts away. But let’s go back to Slovenian girls. In fact, they are very warm-hearted and friendly, more than their Eastern and Central European counterparts. So don’t worry if a Slovenian bride ignores you at first. It might be her strategy to pull you in.

Myth #2. Slovenian girls seek money

This stereotype never dies, it’s popular among all mail order brides. We won’t deny the fact that gold-diggers exist in any nation, but it doesn’t mean that all Slovenian mail order brides are mercenary. They do seek a better life for their future kids, but they would never marry someone for money only. First of all, they aspire to love and mutual understanding, and then the rest. Slovenians believe that love makes a cottage a castle.

Myth #3. They are stingy

Well, this might apply to Slovenians in general, but their women… A Slovenian woman who is in love can give anything to those who she cares about. You will see her love showed in tasty food, clean clothes, peace, and care. Slovenian women are very generous in relationships, and if you don’t believe this, give it a shot and see on your own.

How to find a Slovenian mail order bride?

Are you ready to date a Slovenian girl? If yes, you can go directly to Ljubljana and try to impress girls there, but our advice is to start with online dating – it’s less stressful and is more likely to end up in marriage. Here’s your algorithm of actions:

  1. Find a trustworthy Slovenian mail order bride site;
  2. Create an appealing profile with multiple photos;
  3. Make the first step – text different Slovenian girls to test waters;
  4. Focus on the one that you like the most;
  5. Stay in touch with her via texting, phone calls, video convos;
  6. Ensure you’re communicating with a real girl;
  7. Once both of you are ready, go to meet her in her home country.

This looks pretty simple from the first glance, but you need to understand that even an online relationship requires your time and effort investment. Be patient and don’t rush things up – one day your Slovenian bride will be yours.


If you want a wise wife, marry a Slovenian girl. Brought up in the atmosphere where traditional mixed up with progressive, Slovenian brides are feminist yet feminine. They are ready to contribute to a relationship on equal terms with their husbands, but they keep in mind that family is the core of life. Slovenian girls are kind, fun and extremely beautiful. If you want a wife like this by your side, try out Slovenian mail order bride sites!

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