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Date Russian Beauty Site Review

Date Russian Beauty Site Review
  • Highly skilled customer support
  • A huge number of singles seeking men
  • Free sign-up
  • Meaningful user profiles
  • No free messaging
  • Waiting time after registration

Main Features

During this daterussianbeauty.com review you’ll find a tremendous variety of Russian women, as it’s pretty popular for Russians, but also for other women of Slavic neighboring countries to sign up there. This popularity might get explained by the fact, it’s already successfully connecting singles from around the world to Russians since 1998 and has developed a reputation over the course of more than 20 years.

It’s part of the Qpid Network, which is qualified in providing a safe and fruit-bearing international online dating experiences to all kind of people. On Date Russian Beauty, you’ll be able to communicate with girls from Russia via text or video chat. On most profiles you’ll find not just pictures and a small introduction text, but also introduction videos. So, you can be assured your potential chat partner is real and serious about getting to know you.


Advanced Features

On Date Russian Beauty review, unlike other dating websites, you have the opportunity to send a woman of your interest real-life presents, such as flowers. This is to make your dating experience feel more realistic. And such an opportunity will come in handy as women generally like it, and Slavic ladies are more than just thrilled about receiving beautiful flowers.

Furthermore, on most profiles you’ll find videos of the ladies owning them. This has a great advantage when you’re able to see her live before you even start chatting, so you know she’s real and not a fraud. But if you’re still unsure about her, you might use a function, not often provided by dating platforms, and call her.


Communication is important, and it doesn’t matter if you date online or offline. Without it, you’ll never be able to get to know the woman of your interest, and you won’t be able to learn if she’s the one for you either. The developers of Date Russian Beauty know it isn’t just about sending texts over and over again, but instead, it’s best to communicate personally when you can hear each other. To ensure your best possible experience, Date Russian Beauty implemented calls, video chats, and CamShows. They provide you with more and better ways of communication than just boring and easily misunderstood text messages.

Ease of Use

Everyone new on daterussianbeauty.com will intuitively understand how it works at first eye. The website is effectively structured, which makes every section easy to find. Further, they make great use of self-explaining icons making the interface even more simple to understand. This point is truly impressive, as it’s so much better than some other dating websites on the market. With such an efficient layout you’ll have no trouble figuring out how to navigate around the venue.



Although Date Russian Beauty may seem a bit pricey at first, it’s really not. Many dating platforms for international women require you sooner or later to sign up with a premium account and to purchase website-specific currency. Date Russian Beauty is no exception, as you have to register and buy credits to use some features. Premium membership costs you $9.99. However, the good news is, you’ll get granted 30 days free premium access for the purchase of any amount of credits! Your very first order of 2 credits costs $3.99.

More than the free-premium, pricing shouldn’t be an issue if you are looking seriously for the women of your heart.

2 credits
$ 15.99
16 credits
$ 96
100 credits
$ 399

What features are provided for free?

There are several free services available on daterussianbeauty.com, although many more are fee-based. After all, this website is for men seriously motivated for dating and who really want to get to know a real Russian beauty. Date Russian Beauty gives you an opportunity to take a look around first and decide if it’s something you really want. Free features include signing up, searching for women using all search tools, editing your profile including the upload of pictures, and viewing other profiles, as well as, a customer service working around the clock.

What features are fee-based?

Fee-based features are necessary for the maintenance of a website and to provide the secure environment you deserve. If you purchase credit packages, you’ll experience many more available features, such as sending text messages and using the video- or phone call function, to speak with the lady of your interest more personally. Moreover, you’ll be able to send real-world presents, such as flowers, invite others to the chat, and use the CamShare function! And last but not least, premium members will experience the priority given to their requests to the customer support.

User experiences

”I never had much luck with ladies, but a friend who found his wife here motivated me to register here as well. I was skeptical at first and thought this is nothing for me, but as I was browsing a little, I found an interesting woman with similar hobbies and interests, Olga was her name. This happened 9 months ago and I’m very happy I had a few dollars to spare, as I’m going to be married in a couple of weeks.” – Daniel, 27 years old

”Back when my wife left me, my whole world broke apart. I thought I never could find happiness again. It took me a few years to get over it, and as I started dating again, I realized I’d need to get more practice in it. I signed up on several pages, but here I found someone special. I actually just wanted to learn again how people approach each other since my last practice was many years ago, and at first, I was very skeptical about her being 14 years younger than I’m. But, yet I’m here happily married again, already for two years, with a child coming soon.” – David, 51 years old

”I come from a small town, with just a few people and even fewer I’d like to date. I always wanted to meet a fereign man, but never followed this wish too hard. How is this supposed to work if he comes literally from the other side of the world? But here I found the man to marry. After a few messages, we decided we want to meet each other. We planned our holidays accordingly, and after a couple of dates, we just knew that’s it! And now almost a year later, I’m living in the US and writing this as a married woman!” – Maria, 26 years old

Matchmaking algorithms

There’s a ridiculously huge number of women on Date Russian Beauty. After all, the country has 20% more women than men and many of them are single. You may look for rather random profiles and with luck, you’ll find someone drawing your attention. While that might be okay if you have a lot of spare time, but there’re faster ways to find interesting women. By providing information about you and your wishes of a possible partner, the matchmaking algorithms present you truly the most engaging profiles. For this, however, it’s important you make true statements in your description. The algorithm can’t work properly if you feed it with wrong information.

Search tools

To make the dating experience as pleasant as possible, Date Russian Beauty introduced search filters. They’re necessary, as there’re around 1 million people registered on the website and you might not be interested in all of them. These search tools provide you with the opportunity to look exactly for the woman you want, in terms of her age, the region she’s from, and since shared hobbies and interests are essential for a successful relationship, you shouldn’t forget to add these as search criteria as well!

Furthermore, you can look exclusively for user profiles that are online right now. Should you prefer to see the woman who attracted your attention, you may also add a filter for those profiles ready for CamShare or with a video show. Should it be more important for you to speak than to chat, you may limit your search to ladies available for instant calls.

What is Date Russian Beauty?

Date Russian Beauty is an online dating platform designed to help you find a beautiful Russian woman. It’s online since 1998, and has already made thousands fall in love. Due to this experience in connecting international singles to Russian ladies it’s very trusted and successful.

Is Date Russian Beauty free?

To provide you with the best possible experience, daterussianbeauty.com needs to care for a safe environment and a working platform. To experience the site to its full potential, you should purchase credits. Nonetheless, there’re still several features available for free, such as the sign-up, browsing for profiles, and editing yours. That’s so you may take a look around beforehand.

How do credits on Date Russian Beauty work?

Credits are the platform’s currency, you may use them for various features, such as sending real-world presents to a user. For a purchase, you’ll need to use your credit card. All transactions are safe and secured due to SSL-Encryption, so there’s no need to worry.

How does the registration work?

Go to the website and provide your personal information, such as your name, your date of birth, your country, your email address, and choose a password. Now, you’ll receive an email with a link to verify your email address. After you’ve verified your email address your account will be reviewed, this process might take a while, to ensure there’re only legit profiles on Date Russian Beauty.

Is Date Russian Beauty safe?

Date Russian Beauty wants to provide you with the most pleasant experience, that’s why the security of its users is of the utmost importance for them. Due to this reason, every single payment is encrypted and your personal details are stored according to the most modern standard using exclusively top security software. So, yes, daterussianbeauty.com is a safe website.

How to keep my account secure?

Date Russian Beauty tries its best to keep every account safe, yet there’re some rules you should remember. Firstly set a difficult password, featuring capital and small letters, numbers, and symbols. Secondly, you should never share your login info with anyone. Furthermore, don’t forget to log out when you leave, and last but not least, should someone ask for your payment details, be skeptical about it.

How do I know the woman I’m chatting with is real?

Just as yours, her profile gets reviewed by the admins straight after the registration as well. This is to ensure there’re only real humans behind those accounts. If you’re still unsure, it’s recommended to use the video chat function, and in case of even more doubts, feel free to contact the customer support.

How many women are on the website?

Date Russian Beauty has numerous active singles registered on the venue. You’ll definitely find interesting women there, as it’s Russia’s top page for female singles looking for men abroad. With a growing number of currently 1 million active online users, there’s absolutely no need to worry.

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