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SingleSlavic Review: The Impressive Perks Of This Slavic Dating Service

SingleSlavic Review: The Impressive Perks Of This Slavic Dating Service

SingleSlavic is one of the modern dating services that offer every man over 25 a chance to find love in one of the Slavic countries. The website is neatly organized and designed to provide every member with the necessary means of communication to build a successful and lasting relationship. Every profile registered with the vendor is evaluated and approved when deemed active and secure.

SingleSlavic isn’t entirely free of charge, but the range of free services is impressive when compared to similar platforms. Slavic women signed up with the vendor are truly beautiful and genuine in their search, so that the rate of happy relationships achieved through the service is skyrocketing. In addition, the innovative technology that backs the service supplies the members with countless perks and benefits that make the search twice as effortless and pleasant.

Pros and cons of SingleSlavic


  • Cost-free registration
  • Neat and elegant interface
  • Trained support team
  • Outstanding communication features


  • Mostly paid service

Main features of SingleSlavic

SingleSlavic is one of those vendors that center their attention on the premium quality of the service rather than the affordability. Mesmerizing ladies of Slavic origin registered with the platform are willing to interact with foreign men and primarily open for new adventures. Yet, the communication means provided are pre-paid. On the bright side, you can start interacting with emails and use videos or phone calls using the same site.

Advanced features of SingleSlavic

Being one of the most requested dating sites on the market, SingleSlavic couldn’t follow the tracks of the competitors. Thus, the development team spiced the platform with features and characteristics that other services lack.

Match Q&A

Wouldn’t it be great to know that you have something in common with the girl you like before you even trigger the conversation? SingleSlavic has launched a particular Match Q&A questionnaire feature. Before you start chatting, you can answer the same questions that the lady has answered and compare the answers. The questions are usually general like—“Do you believe in true love?”—if your answers coincide, then your personalities are most likely to match. In case they don’t, you may as well pursue the goal and add a little adventure to your life.

Gift Store

One of the main drawbacks of online dating is that you can’t spoil the girl you like with gifts and presents. Sending virtual gifts is nice, but it couldn’t compare to the thrill and meaning behind a real present. That’s why SingleSlavic beats all the records. The service links you with different stores and offers a chance to pick a beautiful gift for the girl you’re truly interested in. All it takes is to choose the option, pay for it, and the service will have it delivered on your behalf.


No matter how personal instant chatting may get, it can barely compare with face-to-face communication. Surely, if you reside in different countries, the choices of meeting face-to-face on a regular basis are slim. However, SingleSlavic offers you a chance to substitute the actual meeting with a virtual one which could be just as meaningful. The CamShare option enables users to video call one another and enjoy the perks of modern technology. Yet, not every girl registered with the service has access to a camera, at least not regularly.


One of the primary pillars of online dating is communication, and SingleSlavic seems to take the issue more than seriously. There’s more than one way of reaching out to one another supported by the platform.


One of the most common ways of communicating with other people online is instant messaging. So, SingleSlavic ensures that the platform is no worse than most social media you’re used to. The chat works the same way as the most popular vendors have it—type in a message, add a picture, and finish the line with a suitable emoji. Besides, if you don’t know how to trigger the interaction, there are some meaningful and useful phrases provided by the system for you to get inspiration from.


Some users may be old-fashioned enough when instant chat isn’t the fittest communication option to deal with. That’s where the emails come in handy. You can compose a lengthy letter to the lady of your thoughts and desires and send it to her. The option comes practical when you’re out of time to communicate the usual way, through calls or chats. Putting down your thoughts and ideas in an email sounds like a good way out.


In case emails sound dreadful to you, you can just call your woman and lead communication in a phone-manner but with the use of your computer or smart device. Hearing the voice of loved ones can work miracles at times.


To make your interaction as lifelike as possible, you can use video calls. When you see and hear each other is priceless, SingleSlavic developers seem to have known that. However, if you want to share the video chat, you need to ensure that the girl you’re communicating with has access to the camera. At times constant access isn’t possible.

Ease of Use

Although SingleSlavic is a modern platform designed according to all trends with every bit of technological innovation preserved, it’s simple to use. The layout of the website is neatly organized so that everything makes sense. Besides, if you can’t figure out something, you can refer to the platform guide available. Even people with no previous experience are able to get a hold of the platform in a matter of minutes.

Price policy of SingleSlavic

While some services that the online dating platform offers come off charge, the primary functions require credits to be invested into. There are a few different packages to choose from:

  • $3.99 for 2 credits (single-time offer)
  • $15.99 for 2 credits (starting with the second package)
  • $96 for 16 credits
  • $399 for 100 credits

What features are provided for free?

Every single man from each part of the world who’s over 25 can register with the site for free. You can search the platform and the user base without spending a dime. Adding ladies to your Favorites and sending them a Hi! message isn’t paid for as well. Besides, you can access the support desk and have all your issues solved without additional credits involved.

What features are fee-based?

Everything that concerns personal interaction between users is pre-paid. For instance, a chat will cost you 0.5 credits for 5 minutes of communication. If you decide to attach an animated emotion to chat, your balance will be charged for an additional 0.2 credits, and a voice message added would require 0.3 credits more. Aside from the communication, sending gifts is paid for too. You can go shopping online using the service’s suggestions and surprise your lady with an intricate gift. For example, a simple bouquet costs 135 credits, but a makeup kit would need a 229-credit investment. Virtual gifts are pre-paid and require 1.50 credits per each.

Reviews from previous satisfied customers

“Finding love online has always sounded unreal to me, but then I met Katya and married at the age of 60 for the first time. Slavic women are truly what they’re being told about. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better partner. At first, the language barrier was there, but with each day, we’re getting stronger together and all thanks to the amazing assistance of SingleSlavic!”—Rob Solt, 62 years old

“Depending on an online dating service in my 20’s wasn’t something I was hoping for. Yet, the circumstances were such that there was no other choice for me. I won’t dwell on the personal background here and won’t tell you a magical love story, but SingleSlavic helped me find friends and regain trust in femininity.”—Jacob Brooks, 29 years old

“Every other dating app I have downloaded seemed to be too complex for me, even though I wouldn’t say that I am that technologically dense. For example, I couldn’t make it through the payment policy without getting all confused about what I’m supposed to be charged with. However, SingleSlavic proves that there are decent vendors in the industry, and I am slowly making progress with the site without it being an utter pain in my head.”—Hans Markson, 55 years old

Matchmaking algorithms

Unlike other platforms, SingleSlavic is incredibly cautious about the well-being of the registered members. Thus, you won’t get far without passing the introductory quiz. Based on your responses, the system decided which users would suit your purpose best. Moreover, every profile you view is added to the system’s algorithm, which pre-determines what type of person you’re genuinely interested in. you may not stop the pattern, but the algorithm will.

Customer support

SingleSlavic has the most informative support desk in the industry. Every potential query is considered and explained in detail in the Support section of the site. Should you fail to find the answer to the question that bothers you, you can fill out a personal request and have it answered within minutes by a trained and professional support agent.

Search tools

At times the matchmaking algorithm isn’t exactly what you need, and you wish to personalize the search a bit. That’s when advanced search the platform is spiced with comes of use. For example, you can pre-set the age, location, and interest of the woman you’re looking for, and the system will bring those that coincide with the requirements to the top.


How do I create an account on SingleSlavic?

Every potential member has to pass the intro quiz and confirm that they’re at least 25 to move forward. After that, you need to provide your name and email, create a password and let the system process the information. If everything is okay with the data, you’ll be sent a confirmation link that will take you straight to the main menu of the platform.

How long does it take to verify a profile?

It takes a few minutes for the system to verify and approve your account. However, if you decide to provide any ID to confirm your identity, it may take up to 24 hours.

Is messaging free on SingleSlavic?

There’s a single “hi” message that’s free of charge. The rest of the messages, calls, and emails are paid in credits.

How to differentiate between real and fake accounts?

Not every user registered with a service is validated, but that doesn’t mean that the accounts are fakes. On the contrary, the system tries to eliminate as many frauds as possible so that you can rely on the service. Yet, if you wish to keep on the safe side, you should communicate with the members who have an Approved tick next to their account name.

Is SingleSlavic free?

Some services the platform offers are free of charge, but primary interaction tools are pre-paid.

Is SingleSlavic secure and safe to use?

SingleSlavic site states it clearly that the safety and security of the members are of the highest priority. So, the platform is backed by an innovative and reliable protection service, including GoDaddy, McAfee, Secure Code, and others.

How much do credit packages cost?

There are 3 primary packages that the service offers—2, 16, and 100 credits. The packages cost $3.99, $96, $399 correspondingly.

How many users are on SingleSlavic?

The user base of the site is constantly growing so that there’s no exact number to point out. However, the site’s evaluation shows that they’ve already passed a couple of hundreds of thousands.

How do I delete my account?

By going to your Settings and requesting to Switch off your account, you can terminate it. You may state the reason why you choose to do so, too.

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