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Stunning Bulgarian Brides: Why You Should Marry Bulgarian Girl

Stunning Bulgarian Brides: Why You Should Marry Bulgarian Girl

Bulgaria is Southeastern European country, famous for its singers, roses, and yoghurt. The western coast of Bulgaria near the Black Sea is a great recreational zone – tourists from both EU and post-USSR countries go there to have fun.

However, these aren’t the only reasons that push foreigners to visit Bulgaria. This country is also a home to wonderful Bulgarian women. Men long for dating and marrying them. In this Bulgarian mail order brides review, we will tell you why you should do it too.

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What is so special about Bulgarian women?

It’s so easy to fall in love with a Bulgarian woman. She is beautiful, smart, and independent. But these aren’t the only traits in them that attract men.


Bulgarian girls are perfectionists

Bulgarian brides believe they have to be perfect in everything – from the way they look to the way handle housekeeping. Bulgarian girls invest a lot of time into their appearance – they always look stunning, even for casual occasions, they have perfect hair and makeup. They make sure their house is always neat (and especially before guests come). They believe they have to be presentable because status matters a lot in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian ladies are hospitable

Bulgarian women love having guests. They will treat them with the most delicious sarmi, kebab, and tarator. If a Bulgarian girl invites you for a party, don’t think there will only be snacks like chips or fries on the table. There will be no free space on the table because a Bulgarian woman will prepare so many dishes that it will be an embarrassment of riches. But the Bulgarian hospitality isn’t about food solely. It’s about the atmosphere too. If you marry a Bulgarian woman, your family and friends gathering will be the best!

Bulgarian women are into serious relationships

The most important thing that attracts foreign men to Bulgarian women – these ladies are into commitment. And not like Russian brides, Bulgarian girls don’t need to spend too much time dating. If they know it’s a man of their dreams, they will be ready to get married pretty soon. And yes, they expect dating to end up with a marriage. So if you’re looking for a future wife, a Bulgarian bride should be a #1 option for you.

They are loyal

Single Bulgarian women dream to end up with a man who will appreciate the family the same way as they do. For a lady of this country, it’s a shame to talk bad about her parents, husband, relatives, and friends. No matter what’s happening in their life, she’ll always assist support. With such a woman, you shouldn’t worry about divorce when hard times come. Bulgarian singles want to be with a beloved man in any situation – no matter how bad it becomes. Cheating is a taboo for single ladies from this country.

How do Bulgarian girls look like?

A simple answer is that they look stunning. Now let us give you a more extended one:

Bulgarian girls are diverse

There are many kinds of beauties in Bulgaria. Some are light-skinned with fair hair and green eyes, others are raven-haired with a tanned complexion and large dark eyes (just like Nina Dobrev). That’s all because Bulgaria is a Balkan melting pot. Even though the majority of the population are Bulgarians (South Slavic people), there are also many people with Turkish and Greek ancestry as well as Romas and many others.

They look perfect

Bulgarian girls make sure they look perfect. They never show up anywhere looking like a mess. Moreover, it’s rare to see them wearing casual (of course, they do, but Bulgarian «casual» is very different from what other Europeans and Americans believe is). They wear very neat fashionable clothes, take care of their hair (fix it every time, some straighten it, others make it curly), do all the affordable beauty procedures and so on.

Bulgarian women are tall and curvaceous

There are women of different height in Bulgaria but many of them are tall. They have beautiful curves but it’s rare to see overweight Bulgarian ladies. Often they are also fit (remember, they always have to look perfect?). Bulgarian women love dancing, working out and taking care of their bodies all the time. As far as aging is concerned, Bulgarian women become more elegant with time.


What are the traits of Bulgarian girls?

Bulgarian mail order brides attract men not only thanks to their appearance. They have interesting personalities. Let’s see what makes Bulgarian girls special.

They are hot-tempered

Bulgarian girls behave like many Southern people do (they are South Slavs, right?). They love being loud, laughing a lot, being passionate about everything and are very expressive. When it comes to fights, they will also do it in the Bulgarian style – rampant Bulgarian style. But no worries, it’s fun, and they get over it quickly. Bulgarian women easily switch from one passionate mode to another one.

Bulgarian women love alpha-men

Bulgarian girls seek men who can be dominant, strong and capable of solving problems. Even if it’s a broken iron or a light switch. As it happens in most post-socialist countries, women expect men to fix things about the house as it’s their gender role in this region. If you want to impress a Bulgarian woman, show her you are a problem-solver.

They are caring

Bulgarian male order brides make perfect wives and mothers because they are extremely caring. They will never leave you alone with a problem, they will always offer help. They know dozens of recipes for home remedies. If you catch a cold, be ready for a Bulgarian woman to come to you with a healing Bulgarian drink or soup.


Why do Bulgarian women become mail order brides?

The first thing that comes to the mind of many Western men – Bulgarian men aren’t good enough to satisfy the needs of Bulgarian girls. But no, Bulgarian men are great in general and for marriage in particular. So why do Bulgarian women seek husbands abroad?

  1. Bulgarian girls lack men. As simple as that. Per 100 women of Bulgarian women, there are only 94.69 men, as of 2015. Seems like not a big deal, but on a larger plane, the situation is more dramatic. Bulgarian women don’t want to stay single, they are affectionate and are into creating families. That’s why they become Bulgarian mail order brides.
  2. They don’t want possessive husbands. Bulgarian men are great for dating. However, they have one serious disadvantage – they can be possessive and jealous for no reason. This tumbles down the trust in a relationship. Bulgarian girls want more open partners who wouldn’t get mad at them for little or no reason, so they choose foreigners.
  3. Bulgarian women are open-minded about dating foreigners. Bulgaria is an EU country. Bulgarians travel a lot to other European states and they welcome foreigners as guests. Bulgarian girls interact a lot with foreigners, so they have no prejudices against them. That’s why it’s easy for them to search for husbands overseas.

Why do Bulgarian brides make ideal wives?

  • They are extremely caring
  • Bulgarian women are loyal and expect the same from their partners
  • They easily take on the responsibility to do the chores
  • Bulgarian wives make sure everything in their family is perfect – from how children are dressed to how the food tastes
  • They know when it’s time to have fun
  • They have a lot of respect and gratitude to their spouses
  • Bulgarian women are very feminine and you will always want to take care of them

How to date a Bulgarian mail order bride?

If you want to impress a Bulgarian woman, you need to follow these tips:

  1. Chivalry is expected. Bulgarian girls are used to receiving flowers (in fact, huge bouquets), perfumes, jewelry and chocolates. You have to make sure she gets the same amount of attention from you (or even more than from her Bulgarian fellows).
  2. Show her your confidence. Bulgarian women for fall for strong dominant handy-men. If you are like this, show it to her! Be helpful, caring and… a little bit macho.
  3. Don’t make her jealous. Bulgarian women can get rampant. Even if you aren’t in a relationship yet, just interested in each other, make sure she doesn’t know you are interested even a little bit in somebody else. Make her feel special, otherwise, it’s the end.
  4. Let her know you can provide for the family. Bulgarian women are educated, independent and can provide for themselves. But they search for partners who wouldn’t be a burden but supplementary to them. Bulgarian women expect a husband to invest a lot into the family. Therefore, they always look at how you treat them at the start. Don’t split the bill, pay for her in restaurants, don’t be greedy to buy her gifts, generosity is the key (Bulgarian women themselves are generous). Bulgarian girls aren’t materialistic but they are just checking your capabilities to provide for them.
  5. Don’t interfere with her professional growth. The family matters are on the top of priorities for Bulgarian singles. But she won’t enjoy sitting at home every day and waiting for a husband from work. Women in Bulgaria take care of a good education that will allow them to get an excellent job. She wants to improve herself and this for what she needs to work. Nevertheless, providing for the family is still on man’s shoulders.

How will your life change after marrying a Bulgarian girl?

  • Your Bulgarian wife will surround you with affection
  • She will be passionate about making you feel comfortable
  • Things in your house will always look neat and perfect
  • You will be feasted by traditional Bulgarian food almost every day
  • Your Bulgarian wife will always look ideal for you, she constantly takes care of her body
  • She will be proud to tell her friends about you
  • You will get the most caring mother of your children

Top myths about Bulgarian brides debunked

Bulgarian brides are some of the most popular and desirable women, especially in Europe. No wonder so many myths revolve around them. Before you start dating a Bulgarian woman, check out top myths about them:

Myth #1. Bulgarian girls are short-tempered

Bulgarian women can be expressive and sometimes even dramatic, but they are much softer than, let’s say Latinas. Bulgarian women are passionate and can be jealous, but there should always be a reason for that. They won’t blast you for no reason, so no, they aren’t short-tempered but rather temperamental.

Myth #2. Bulgarian brides are gold-diggers

Status is a big deal in Bulgaria. So when you see that a Bulgarian girl asks you about your financial possibilities, asks you to give her expensive gifts, it’s not because she wants to use you and get rid of you. No, it’s because these things do matter in the Bulgarian culture and if you aren’t capable of meeting her expectations, you aren’t husband material. However, this is a generalization, many Bulgarian girls aren’t demanding at all. Love makes a cottage a castle.

Myth #3. They aren’t beautiful without makeup

Bulgarian brides use a lot of makeup. They master this art for years, practice on their own, watch YouTube tutorials, attend courses – every girl does what she can to look perfect. But it’s not because of their insecurities or that they don’t look beautiful without makeup. Bulgarian women are naturally stunning. However, their society taught them to push themselves to the limits and look flawless. That’s what they are doing.


How to find a Bulgarian mail order bride?

Follow this algorithm to find a Bulgarian woman of your dreams:

  1. Look for a reputable Bulgarian mail order bride site (or a European mail order bride site with a wider selection of brides)
  2. Sign up to it, create an attractive profile (make sure you include lots of interesting details about yourself and add lots of high-quality photos)
  3. Don’t wait for Bulgarian girls to text you – take the lead and approach girls first
  4. Never stop your searches, maybe your one and only is still not there
  5. Stay in touch with the most interesting Bulgarian mail order brides
  6. Be romantic. Send flowers and gifts, give a random call to the Bulgarian girl you like the most
  7. If two of you are ready for a new stage in your relationship, visit her in Sofia, for example


Marrying a Bulgarian woman is a dream for many men. They are some of the best European brides. Why? Because they always look stunning (even if they go out for groceries), they cook extremely delicious food, they are super-caring and passionate in love. If you want to get a woman like this, register on a Bulgarian mail order bride set as soon as possible!

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