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ColombiaGirl Review: Is It Scam Or Legit Site?

ColombiaGirl Review: Is It Scam Or Legit Site?

The main priority of this website is that it’s completely safe, as it protects your personal information, and it also offers high profile quality, making it one of the best among its counterparts. Besides, it has a wide range of services making your online dating more convenient and productive. Thanks to the matchmaking system employed by the site, you’ll be offered the best matches while dating online. Follow this ColombiaGirl review to learn more.

Pros & cons


  • Great services
  • Cam share
  • Customer care
  • Profile quality
  • User-friendly platform
  • Hassle-free registration


  • Limited free options
  • Video chatting not supported by every profile

Main features

Is this dating site ideal for finding someone to flirt with? Or why not find someone to create a family with? The good point of using ColombiaGirl is that you’ll definitely find your single-minded soulmate. To facilitate this venture, you need to benefit from the wide range of features offered online. Before you start using them, you need to know the majority of these features are fee-based, but the results you’ll get will pay off.

Advanced features

Some features are intended and designed to make your online stay more productive and more convenient. Given that ColombiaGirl is an international dating site, everything is made so efficiently that you won’t feel that your lady is far away from you. Here are some of the features you’ll find:

  • Timezone converter: one of the main issues of international dating sites is the difference in time zones. For example, while you start your date at 9 pm, the time there can be 7 am. To solve these discrepancies, the site offers a timezone converter that’ll help orient in such different time zones.
  • Video show: as the name suggests, it’s a chance to watch the videos of your ladies online. You need to go to their profiles and choose to watch a video show. Unlike photos of these profiles, you’ll have a chance to look at your lady through the short clips. Although this feature is paid one, you can access to watch the shorter part for free.
  • Virtual gifts: how to attract the attention of someone you might like? There are many ways of doing so, and one of the most popular ways is to send a virtual gift. You need to find a section of virtual gifts and pick the one that you like. These gifts will include a message and animation inside with a great design.
  • Call service: what about hearing the voice of your lady? There are many ways of communication, but there’s an even more advanced feature known as call service. You can simply get the contact details of the lady and call her. You’ll be offered 3 options for this call service. They’re scheduled one, instant calls, and call me feature.


Communication features are also practical, and after you open a new account and create a profile on ColombiaGirl, you need to benefit from these services. They help and allow you to become closer with the profiles online. Here are the main communication services you’ll find:

  • Say Hi: it happens that you might want to get someone’s attention and don’t know how to do that. Here’s a solution like Say Hi. It has mainly 2 benefits. First of all, it’s fast and easy to use. The second advantage is that it’s offered for free.
  • Admirer mail: after you create an informative profile, you’ll receive admirer mails from the ladies. You just need to open and read through them, and perhaps, you’ll find someone hot and cute. Receiving and reading these emails is free.
  • EMF: what if you start writing mails to the ladies on ColombiaGirl? This is a feature that allows you to write a message where you can tell about yourself, expectations, desires, and so on, adding animated stickers and emoticons.
  • Chat: text chatting is the most common means of communication on dating sites. Along with this option, you can have extra features like sending or receiving voice messages, photos, emoticons, stickers, etc.
  • Cam share: it’s another great feature allowing you and your lady to communicate through a video call. What makes it different from other types of video chat is that it offers better quality and more intimacy.
  • Gifts & flowers: sending virtual gifts can be a good idea, but is it possible to send a real gift? Thanks to this feature of real gifts and flowers, you can send a real present to your lady to impress her more.


Ease of use

ColombiaGirl’s official website will impress you from the start. Once you access the site, you can have a look at the profiles being offered for dating. But is it easy to use this platform? Even those new to online dating won’t have problems navigating online, as the site’s interface is user-friendly. Here are some basic things to know:

  • Registration: your sign up process will start with pop-up questions about your personal preferences. Then, you’ll be offered to fill out the small form where you need to provide your age, full name, and valid name alongside creating a reliable password.
  • Verification: after you sign up, you’ll find yourself on the profile page. But that’s not all yet. You need to get your account verified, for which you need to check your email. Or you can verify your account via mobile phone number.
  • Profile creation: once you open and verify your account, it’s time to edit your profile. On the page of your profile, you’ll see fields you need to fill out. You better add some more information about yourself. Your profile needs to be quite informative to attract more audience.


It’s clear that the site offers appealing features, nice profiles, and convenience in usage, but what about the prices? ColombiaGirl is a premium and professional dating site, and thus, you better be ready to pay for the services, but don’t worry since every service is worth its money. The site is credit-based, but you can also buy premium membership for $9.99 a month with the following benefits:

  • More free credits
  • More free offers
  • Access to all photos of profiles
  • Priority response from support

When it comes to credits you can acquire on the platform, you’ll get the following pricing:

  • $3.99 for 2 credits (first purchase)
  • $15.99 for 2 credits
  • $96 for 16 credits
  • $399 for 100 credits

What features are provided for free?

The site provides some features without charging. These free options include the following:

  • Sending Hi
  • Receiving EMF
  • Browsing profiles
  • Checking short part of video shows
  • Getting customer support

What features are fee-based?

The main features are paid ones. Here are the main fee-based features offered on ColombiaGirl:

  • Text or video chatting
  • Virtual and real gifts
  • Writing mails
  • Cam share options
  • Call service options

Reviews from previous satisfied customers

“My best advice to anyone looking for an ideal dating site is ColombiaGirl. Firstly, you’ll find amazing ladies that’ll blow your mind. Secondly, it’s easy to use the site, as I’m not good at internet stuff, but here, I didn’t have any problems at all. Finally, you’ll get the best quality profiles, which is really incredible. ColombiaGirl is my best dating site so far.”—Josh McCrady, 38 years old

“I thought dating online would be time spent in vain, but ColombiaGirl proved how wrong I was. I want to thank the administration of the site for creating such performance and offering such great profiles. I thought it would turn out to be a scam platform, but I was content with everything. Now, I can say that if anyone wants to experience dating hot Latinos, he should try this site for sure. No regrets at all.”—Paul Fenster, 44 years old

Matchmaking algorithms

Incredible profiles with impressive quality are enough to convince anyone to start dating a ColombiaGirl. To make this even better, the site employs matchmaking algorithms to find you a better match based on your preference, profile information you provide, and the profiles you get in touch with.

Customer support

Another great aspect of ColombiaGirl is its customer support. It’s always online to assist you with any problem you can face online. There’s a contact us section, where you can send a help request. On the page of support, you’ll choose the category you face the problem and describe it. The response will come ASAP.

Searching tools

How can you reach someone on ColombiaGirl? Once you’re on the website, you can choose the section online, where you’ll be offered online ladies, and all you need is to send a chat request. But if you want someone more specific, the site offers you such a chance with searching tools like the following:

  • Search with ID: all members on the site including you will have ID numbers, so you can search for someone by entering their ID numbers and the system will yield the results accordingly.
  • Quick search: there’s no need to learn ID numbers, as you can simply find someone quickly with this option. You can set simple filters and the system will look for someone based on the age range, region, or profiles with cam share option, etc.
  • Advanced search: it’s a more detailed search option. You might want to find someone based on their physical features or even with higher education. Advanced search tool offers more filters you can use.



How do I create a profile on ColombiaGirl?

First you need to pass registration, and then, you better verify your account. After that, you need to choose the profile section, where you’ll find fields to fill out. Here, you’ll create your profile, and don’t forget to add your photo.

How long does account verification take?

There’s no need to wait for the verification for a long time. The process is instant, be it with email or mobile phone number.

Is messaging free on ColombiaGirl?

No, messaging or chatting online isn’t offered for free. However, if you verify your account, you can benefit from the bonus credits.

Is there any way to differentiate between real and fake accounts?

There’s a good way of how you can find out whether the profile is real. You need to visit her profile page where you’ll see the verified profile check, proving that person is real.

Is ColombiaGirl free?

It’s hard to say that ColombiaGirl is a free dating site, as it’s a premium platform offering professional dating online with a great range of practical services. However, there are bonus credits and free services you can benefit from.

Is ColombiaGirl secure and safe to use?

The site employs encryption to secure your personal information. Besides, the site constantly monitors the platform to eliminate fake or empty profiles.

How much does it cost to get credits?

The minimum package of 2 credits costs $3.99. You can buy 100 credits for $399.

How many users are on ColombiaGirl?

There are thousands of users on the platform. If you click on the section online, you’ll see hundreds of active users online.

How do I delete my account?

To do so, you need to go to your profile page. There, you’ll see the My Account section. Under this section, you’ll see a button for deleting your account.

Colombia Girl
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