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Indonesian Women: Everything You Have To Know About Them Before Marriage

Indonesian Women: Everything You Have To Know About Them Before Marriage

Girls from this country are famous all over the world because of their charming qualities. These women have all the conditions needed for becoming perfect wives. So, if you are looking for a bride with a rich and exciting culture, hot and healthy, you are in the right place.

They prefer men from the West so that womenโ€™s attention will surround you during the search. The charm and difference of Europeans attract them, and it will be easy to start a dialogue. Moreover, Indonesian brides are open-minded: she will be happy to build a family with you. These ladies also know how to look impressive. They will conquer you with their appearances!

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You may know some info about Indonesian ladies, but to understand the nuances, dive into their culture. It will be an interesting experience as you will find out many things you never even thought about. And this is what is going to happen right now!

Why Dating Indonesian Beauty Will Be Your Unique Experience?

In particular, they are caring, attentive, and dedicating their attention to the family. They love to spend as much time as possible with their husbands and kids. But itโ€™s not that simple. Letโ€™s discover what makes an Indonesian wife perfect for marriage and independence at the same time. It will be dope!

Traditional Family-Oriented Women

Most of the females in Indonesia grow up with conservative-minded parents. They soak in all the traditional family values, which affect their further life. Some of them even donโ€™t dream about having a career, but they like to marry a good man instead.

They have a positive attitude about having kids. If you marry an Indonesian woman, you will forget about babysitters. They enjoy the process of upbringing children. The more โ€” the better is the best principle coming to their minds. They love to care about their husbands as well. Itโ€™s an excellent base for being good wives.

Indonesian beauties with traditional upbringing tend to marry at an early age. So, you can easily find the woman in her 20โ€™s, who is ready to start a family right now. They are open-minded, which means that an age difference is not a problem for them at all. You need to be a serious man who is ready to live a life with the only wife.

Indonesian Women For Marriage Who Are Feminists

Typically, these girls come from large cities and high-income families. Of course, they are still different from European and American feminists. Letโ€™s say, they are more soft-minded.

While our feminists can be radical, they think and even look like men, Indonesian girls are not like this. They are feminine and tender, but they want equality and respect. They will treat their men the same in return. But they can earn some money, be educated, and remain career-oriented. Anyway, every Indonesian woman will be happy if you please with some gifts, without trying to buy her.

Indonesian women for marriage can be different, but all of them are interesting to cognize and live with. They donโ€™t see the world in black and white but try to find compromises and please everyone.


How Does A Typical Indonesian Woman Look?

She is exotically beautiful. You can always identify an Indonesian girl among all the other nationalities. She will conquer you with this wild and tender look in her eyes. Itโ€™s impossible to forget her once you see her. You can experience it when you see her.

They Look Small And Cute

Indonesian women are only 1.52 cm (5 feet 0.15 inches) on average. So you can only imagine how small they are in comparison with American and European ladies. An average woman from the USA is 1.63 cm (5 feet 4 inches). If you think itโ€™s not a big difference, you might be mistaken.

Women for marriage from Indonesia can make you fall in love with their charisma. They have an easy and caring attitude to life. What is more, they have muscular bodies and calm minds.

Indonesian Ladies Have Dark Eyes And Light Minds

They have black and soft hair. Their eyes are even darker, and it seems like all the wisdom of the world looks at you. But their plumpy, seductive lips create a perfect contrast between intelligence and sexuality. Indonesian women have both, and they are never hiding this fact.

They Are Fashionistas

Indonesian beauties are aware of all the beauty tendencies in the world. They receive a lot of pleasure when they combine perfect looks. There are types of Indonesian fashion-addicts: those into local and those into worldwide. They always care about how they look, so you will still be escorted by a top-class woman.


What Personal Traits Do Indonesian Brides Have?

They are attractive not only by their bodies. Every woman from Indonesia has a deep and rich inner world. Also, she will attract you with the pleasant qualities you probably wish to see in every lady.

They Are Polite With Their Men

Of course, they never behave rudely in public with anyone. But politeness becomes the main trait of Indonesian women. They are wise, and they will never provoke conflicts. In return, they want you to behave the same way.

Indonesian Beauties Are Absolute Extraverts

They love to meet new people and engage in social activities. They can adapt to every culture and make new friends in hours. So, an Indonesian lady is always prepared to start a new life in some unknown location.

They Are Family-Oriented

Even this Indonesian lady who is into feminism wants to start a family sooner or later. But she needs to be sure that you will be the right man for it. Thus, most of these women are into reliable guys who always do what they promise. Indonesian women have no fear of difficulties, and they expect their men to have the same attitude.


Why Do Indonesian Girls Become Mail-Order Brides?

There are enough men for every woman in this country. But still, plenty of girls prefer to leave their homes to start a new life. Usually, women leave countries with a disbalance of men and womenโ€™s rates. Letโ€™s point out some reasons for this behavior.

    1. They want Bule husbands. No, it wasnโ€™t a swear word. They love white men and created an unusual name for them.

    1. They rarely see foreign men. Marrying one of them is like an exotic. Itโ€™s a crazy thing to do, and every girl dreams about it.

    1. They want beautiful children. And again, they think that Western genes mixed up with Indonesian give the best outcome. So, they crave to find perfect fathers for lovely children.

    1. They want to live better. And please, donโ€™t you judge them for it. We all want, but whatโ€™s usual for you can be a dream for her.

    1. They want a good future for their children. This one relates to the economy again. Most of the Indonesian women had hard times in their lives, and they donโ€™t want their children to go through the same.

Can These Ladies Become Perfect Wives?

Yes, and every Indonesian woman craves to become one for a man who will appreciate it. Here are some reasons for this.

    • She will always respect and support you.

    • It wonโ€™t be a problem for her to adapt in a new social circle.

    • She will give you several children and grow them up with pleasure.

    • It wonโ€™t be a problem for her to handle family affairs and work at once.

    • She will give you wise advice in any case you need it.

    • It wonโ€™t be a problem for her to look gorgeous anytime.


How To Date Indonesian Women For Marriage?

Building a relationship from scratch can be delicate and pleasant at the same time for both of you. The reason is that you came from different cultural backgrounds. But there are some essential tips and tricks that will help to get rid of the awkward situations.

    1. Donโ€™t throw money here and there. This behavior wonโ€™t impress your bride-to-be. The best way to charm her is by showing how kind and honorable you are.

    1. Family is everything for her. If her parents tell her not to date you again, she will listen to them, and it doesnโ€™t matter how old she is. Consider this fact and never doubt the good qualities of her family.

    1. Donโ€™t run too fast. You may have a desire to get laid with her on a first date, but itโ€™s not a way to go. If you have serious intentions, be ready to wait as long as it is needed.

    1. Accept the diversity of her personality. Pay attention not only to how she looks but to what she says. She will feel it and pay you back.

    1. Donโ€™t try to avoid responsibility in front of the law. If you plan to marry her in Indonesia, dealing with this can be complicated. Show some bravery and overcome the difficulties instead of running away.

    1. Prepare yourself and your wallet for the large wedding. Indonesian people love to invite everyone they know to the celebration. It will be about 500 guests, not less, at your wedding.


What To Expect From An Indonesian Wife?

When you marry this exotical woman, your life will change for the better. Here are a few moments that wonโ€™t stay the same.

    • She will make you celebrate everything, and you will host parties.

    • You will be in very close contact with her family all the time.

    • She will get you used to some spicy and unusual meals considered delicacies in Europe and the USA.

    • You will forget about all the household duties as she will handle them herself.

    • She will be very talkative, and she will have more friends than you despite the fact she is from a foreign land.

    • You will see her praying and taking part in other traditions, and you will love it.

    • She will never let you kiss or hug her in public as itโ€™s a taboo in Indonesia.

    • You will feel her strength and wisdom every day, she will become your partner in all the possible means.

Are The Top 3 Myths About Indonesian Beauties Truthful?

There are lots of misconceptions and rumors about this country on the Internet. Letโ€™s take TOP-3 of them and see if they are truthful. Spoiler: none is, but if you are still interested, take a look at this list.

Myth #1. Indonesian Women Marry Before The Age Of 15

There was such a tradition, about 200 years ago. For now, only the poorest and uneducated people of the country do that. You will never meet underaged women on bridal sites as all the profiles pass the verification.

Myth #2. Indonesian Weddings Turn Into Trash Parties In The End

No, itโ€™s not true. Though there are hundreds of guests, they all have fun. All these people create positive vibes. They all come to see and congratulate newlyweds as the tradition says. That is why donโ€™t expect anything wrong to happen from your wedding even if there will be a crowd.

Myth #3. Indonesian Women Seek Only Money Abroad

They want to start ordinary families with a lot of kids and loyal husbands. Every Indonesian lady craves to marry a white guy, but only because of her sympathy. Itโ€™s an honor for a woman from this country to marry a European or American man. And she will do everything to make your marriage long and prosper. She will not demand you to earn millions and take her to luxurious places. She will be happy just having you.


How To Find A Perfect Indonesian Wife?

It is simple as a pie, primarily if you use the tips from below. Even if you are a rookie in online dating, that will be an easy task.

    1. Choose some good mail order bride sites from WifeNow reviews.

    1. Create a profile that will attract attention and give information about you.

    1. Text the women you like first โ€“ donโ€™t wait and lose time.

    1. Choose a bride that you see as your wife after some chatting and video calling.

    1. Compliment her, send her some gifts and flowers โ€“ they adore it.

    1. Come to Indonesia and have the best date of your life!


Indonesian women are awesome for those who crave to create happy families. They will do everything to keep your marriage happy for years. They are never mercantile or mean. Treat your woman with respect, equality, and compliments, and you will be a perfect husband!

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