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Polish Mail Order Wife: How to Meet and Marry Polish Woman?

Polish Mail Order Wife: How to Meet and Marry Polish Woman?

You’re interested in marrying a single Poland girl for marriage, which means you’re looking for a smart, sensible woman who is rational and entirely reliable. However, such women like Polish are also quite self-assured and aware of what they want—you’re going to face a demanding personality.

How to approach a single Poland girl for marriage if you’re a foreign groom without any command of Polish and have no clue about their mentality? We examined whatever you may need on your way to dating a Polish mail order wife and set it out in this article—scroll down, read the guide, and check out the Polish dating sites our team picked for you!

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Why do Polish brides fascinate men so much?

A Polish girl is a dream for any lonely man who wants to live happily until the last day of life. What makes men think so? Let’s find out.


Polish women are highly educated

Polish education is one of the best among the Slavic countries. Girls from Poland not only finish middle school but complete high school in almost all cases. Higher education is a widespread practice in Poland too. Along with the education within institutions, Polish brides dedicate themselves to self-development. They’re familiar with the classics of music, literature, and art. Also, they follow the recent trends in these fields. Therefore, Polish ladies are terrific interlocutors. To have her attention, you can ask about the culture and language of Poland. Your Polish date will be glad to share with you exciting facts.

Polish girls have nothing against foreigners

Polish brides look at the world with open eyes and minds. They’re tolerant of other nationalities, so there’s nothing terrible to date with a foreigner for them. Girls from Poland also like new acquaintances and experiences, and it’s one more argument for contacting a stranger. She’ll be thankful for nice stories about living abroad, traveling, and meeting striking people. It’s your chance to attract her.

Polish ladies follow their hearts

Some people might claim that Slavic brides pay more attention to a man’s financial status than actual feelings to him. It’s a popular delusion that doesn’t have grounds. Modern Polish mail order brides won’t betray their hearts for money. They’re independent enough to earn money for living. Therefore, in marriage, they seek for love, but not a sufficient bank account.

How do Polish ladies look like?

Slavic female appearance is considered one of the most beautiful, and there are solid grounds for this opinion. A mix of genes, femininity, healthy lifestyle – what’s the secret of this charm?

Polish women look like Slavic princesses

Polish brides took all the best features from their diverse Slavic appearance. They’re middle-height slim beauties with fair complexion. Most of them have fair or brown hair, usually long. These girls have softer facial features compared to brides from neighboring countries. Blue, grey, or green eyes of these nymphs will definitely steal your heart.

Polish ladies care about themselves

Polish girls prefer eating healthy home-cooked food, working out, and sleeping enough to look fascinating. They aren’t fans of plastic surgeries and artificial beauty tools. These ladies consider makeup a light brush to emphasize natural features, but to paint a mask on a face. Brides from Poland take natural care of their bodies, and that makes them look like goddesses.

Polish girls are naturally hot

These ladies have sexual fleur made by nature. They don’t need provocative clothes, bright lipsticks, or heavily colored eyes. Their bodies have seductive curves seen in any clothes. They tend to look casual and confident, unlike brides from other countries. Undoubtedly, it contributes to sexuality.


What is the character of Polish mail order brides?

Not only stunning appearance, but also a good character makes ladies from Poland marvelous spouses. Personality is essential for a stable relationship, so introduce yourself to a guide on main traits of Polish girls’ character.

Girls from Poland are diligent

“Apathetic” is, perhaps, a most irrelevant characteristic of ladies from Poland. They prove that nothing is impossible for those who give all to achieve a goal. They balance perfectly numerous life spheres: home, work, friends, relationships… These girls show excellent results in each. Particularly in living together, they’re wonderful housekeepers. Your home will always be clean and full of delicious food. Even having free time, Polish wives try to spend it for good: to learn something new or to complete a postponed task.

These nymphs are amorous

Polish girls are hot-hearted and sentimental. These ladies are good at making lovely surprises and expect their men to impress them too. These women will never forget important dates or your tastes and preferences. Women from Poland need attention and achieve it due to the excellent flirt skills. Polish wives prefer men who know the rules of treating a spouse like a queen. Interestingly, despite an addiction to flirt, brides from Poland are loyal. In marriage, they turn flirting into a stable passion.

Ladies from Poland are polite

Raised in quite conservative traditions, Polish brides are exceptionally courteous. Rude behavior, gossip, and arrogance – it’s definitely not about a Polish girl. They aim to be decent women. Thus, they control their behavior, not letting improper actions happen. These girls surely won’t refuse to help someone from your family. Also, you’ll never blush because of her in public.


What turns Polish girls into mail order brides?

Brides from Poland don’t mind dating foreigners because of their open-mindedness, tolerance, and interest in the world. Still, some other factors drive these girls looking for a husband abroad. What are they? There is the list:

  1. Poland experiences a gender shortage. In the Polish population, women constitute up to 52%. It’s not a dramatic difference; still, men can be married, unwilling to create a family or to have bad habits. Therefore, the probability of making a couple gets much lower. This situation makes Polish girls search for a spouse overseas.
  2. Polish women seek love. They prefer living in passion rather than marry just because all women do so. Contrary to this aim, Polish men consider a marriage a couple of two people with a common household rather than a common love. For them, marriage is more rational than a passionate thing. Polish girls don’t want to share this idea, and they broaden their search to the whole world. If a Polish bride agrees to marry you, it means she’s absolutely confident in her feelings and won’t change her mind.
  3. Polish ladies look at hearts, not appearance. Nationality doesn’t matter for these girls. Contrary to some brides from other countries, ladies from Poland don’t choose a favorite ethnicity. Also, these brides don’t consider features of appearance crucial factors. Regarding looking, Polish women set only one condition to wooers, namely looking well-groomed. These beauties value a clean and tidy view of things. Therefore, you shouldn’t run to the gym or expensive clothes shops. Show the goodliness of your soul. That is the thing she pays the most attention to.

Why are Polish brides potential ideal wives?

  • Polish girls give all love they have to build a strong family.
  • They are respectful, so all your relatives and friends will be treated well.
  • Polish wives are wonderful mothers.
  • They never forget about fun, and you won’t be bored with such a woman.
  • Polish ladies don’t mind relocating to live with a loved husband.

How much can Polish mail order brides cost you?

Covering the online expenses throughout your chatting on specialized dating sites to meet Polish women, buying tickets to meet a Polish mail order wife in person, paying for the wedding ceremony – this is what the mail-order industry calls “buying a bride”! We at WifeNow.com calculated all the expenses you’re going to face, using Booking.com and other relevant resources to give you the most possible cost.

Dating website fees

$300 for three months.

Presents and gifts ordering

$500 for one gift.

Arranging a date via the website



Offline expenses and the wedding

After you find a Polish wife online, meet her in Poland and arrange a wonderful date. After that, you can marry her, apply for the K-1 and then a spouse visa—those will help Polish women for marriage to be walked down the aisle by you legally.

Tickets booking for two ways


Accommodation for two weeks




Dating activity (restaurants, cafes, adventures)


And the wedding cost.

Wedding ceremony cost


K-1 visa cost


Spouse visa cost


The total of all expenses

$14,710 ($4,710 if excluding wedding)

Tips for making a date with a Polish lady unforgettable

Polish women are romantic, so a date should be special for them. How to make it? There’s a short instruction:

  1. Show you are different. This is not an easy task, but one of the possible tools to complete it is to speak on rare topics. Polish girls don’t lack attention from foreign men, and they’re definitely fed up with ordinary things. For example, foreigners often ask about the translation of obscene language or widespread stereotypes. It’s rude, inappropriate, and indecent. Polish brides with sharp minds don’t favor such behavior. Suggest an intellectual topic, show you are an expert, and she’ll notice you’re different.
  2. Be yourself. Yes, Polish girls can be sophisticated in minds, actions, and expectations. Yet, they’re happy with simple things too. These girls don’t demand gifts and flowers every day. A little croissant in the morning can make them shine like brilliants. So, don’t be shy to express yourself as you’re! She needs to see your soul, not just a shell.
  3. Be a gentleman. Feminism has come on the Eastern European land, but not so heavily as in Western countries. Polish women know about gender equality and can live in these circumstances. Nevertheless, they still support the idea of a man as a leader in a couple. Also, they want to feel like queens. Please, don’t spare compliments and sweet gestures.
  4. Demonstrate your respect for her culture. Polish ladies are quite patriotic, so be aware that critics of this country might hurt her. Along with that, these girls are religious Catholics, and you’d better stay aside from inappropriate jokes.

How will a Polish wife change your everyday life?

  • Your dinner table will always be full of home-cooked delicious meals.
  • You’ll never meet a better mother than a Polish wife.
  • You’ll get used to family gatherings.
  • You’ll learn a new language and culture.
  • Polish wives care about families a lot.
  • You’ll have intellectual discussions as well as hot nights.

Top silly stereotypes about Polish ladies

Sometimes find a wife online struggle to find a husband overseas. Why? Because stereotypes constitute obstacles to communication. Not to have problems in talking with a Polish bride, read disproofs to popular myths about these beauties.

Myth #1. Polish girls are alcohol lovers

This stereotype has broken many conversations between Western men and Slavic brides. Alcohol is popular in Poland, but it doesn’t mean girls are alcohol addicts. They prefer light drinks like wine and drink it on special occasions mostly. These ladies keep a healthy lifestyle, so abusing alcohol isn’t for them.

Myth #2. Polish ladies are nationalists

Polish women love their country much and play the role of cultural ambassadors of Poland living abroad. Nevertheless, they’re tolerant and open-minded, so chauvinism is certainly not their characteristic.

Myth #3. Polish brides are opportunistic

Polish women are those who follow their hearts instead of seeking for a thick wallet. Yes, they look for stable men who can earn for living. Nevertheless, it’s more about knowing ambitions and plans. These girls can make money by themselves, and the absence of finances won’t stop them from love.


How to reach a Polish mail order bride online?

Due to the information technologies, looking for love, you can visit a website, not a country. There’s a guide on how to reach a Polish beauty:

  1. Read expert and user reviews and choose the best Polish mail order bride site for you.
  2. Complete the registration and make your profile full.
  3. Search for girls actively: your love might be in several clicks from you.
  4. Choose a girl who makes your heart pound.
  5. Keep in touch with her via video and phone calls or send flowers and gifts to impress her.
  6. Ask her for an offline date.
  7. Use our guide to win her heart!

To sum up

Polish mail order brides turn to ideal wives. Their priorities are the happiness of family and a husband, self-development in all life spheres, and life in love. They’re gorgeous women with sharp minds and open hearts. Are you ready to face Polish love? Then register and Polish mail order wife sites and follow your heart!

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