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Vietnamese Brides: Angelic Faces & Best Wives From Vietnam Here

Vietnamese Brides: Angelic Faces & Best Wives From Vietnam Here

Asian brides make some of the best wives on earth. They are humble, pretty and very supportive. Vietnamese girls are just like that. One should be very lucky to get a bride from Vietnam โ€“ girls in this country are very popular not only among their fellows but also among foreigners.

In this Vietnam brides review, we will tell you more about Vietnamese brides โ€“ their character and appearance, how to find and date them. If you want to get an angel-like wife, this blog will be very useful for you.

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Why do men choose Vietnamese women?

It is impossible not to fall in love with a Vietnamese mail order bride. These girls possess the best qualities ever! Men get attracted to them for the following reasons:

Vietnamese girls are mysterious

In Asian culture the less you speak, the smarter you are. Introversion is a common phenomenon in this part of the world. Vietnamese brides donโ€™t talk a lot โ€“ by this they show respect, humbleness, and make themselves look mysterious. Yes, mysterious! They are like closed books โ€“ men get attracted to unknown, want to open the book and read it straight away, but itโ€™s not that simple with Vietnamese girls. They keep the suspense, making men long for their attention.

Being feminine is a motto of every Vietnam girl

Perhaps, you wonโ€™t find a more feminine creature than a Vietnamese bride. These ladies are playful, childish (donโ€™t confuse it with immatureness), coquettish and very positive. They love giggling at menโ€™s jokes, ogling their favorite guys, and so on. These things buy Western men. They feel like protecting Vietnamese girls, giving them their strong shoulder and all the menโ€™s love.

Viet women are just fabulous

Besides being nice inwardly, Viet brides are super attractive outwardly. Western men dream of marrying such unusual women, with slender figures and innocent faces (yes, Vietnamese girls only look innocent, but they are much more experimental and hot in the marriage). Letโ€™s talk more about their appearance!


How do Vietnamese girls look like?

The short answer is โ€“ they look marvelous. The long answer is below:

Vietnamese girls are petite princesses

The first thing that Western men usually observe in Vietnam brides is that they are short or middle-height, have thin, slender figures and toned bodies. Most probably, you will never bump into an overweight Vietnamese woman. These ladies follow a healthy lifestyle, practice sports and eat mostly vegetables, meat and noodles โ€“ thatโ€™s the secret of their good shape. Most importantly, Vietnam mail order brides age well, so they will stay in the same shape even after giving birth or when getting old.

They have angelic faces

Vietnam brides are super cute. Thatโ€™s not only thanks to their childish nature but also because of their faces. They have round faces, wide cute cheekbones, dark eyebrows, Eastern narrow eyelids, playful dark brown eyes, full lips, small noses, and astonishing smiles. Viet brides have a pale, fair or a bit tanned complexion, which they cherish very much.

Vietnamese women love dressing up

Vietnam mail order brides express their never-fading femininity through clothes and makeup. They love wearing fashionable things, light dresses, shorts and tops, trying various styles from formal to casual. They donโ€™t wear a lot of makeup but do to emphasize the most beautiful parts of their face. By the way, if a Vietnamese girl wears red lipstick on a date with you, it means she really likes you and wants to make a good impression on you.


What are the main traits of Vietnamese women?

The society in Vietnam is patriarchal, so Vietnamese women behave accordingly. They have strong family values, respect towards seniors and their husbands, and are sincere about their feelings. Letโ€™s see what else they have.

Vietnamese girls are very committed

If they start a relationship, itโ€™s a serious relationship. Vietnamese mail order brides arenโ€™t used to one night stands and things like that. They grew up in decent families and want to establish families like that. Commitment for them is very important, so they will expect the first step from the men, and if he makes it, they will for sure say yes. When it comes to marital life, needless to say, Vietnam wives are some of the most loyal and faithful spouses on earth.

Vietnam brides are very kind

Being kind sounds too trivial, but it is as it is โ€“ Vietnamese women are very kind and look for men just like that. For some of them, kind means sexy. They donโ€™t need playboys, flirtatious bad guys or rich confident men. Vietnamese girls look for someone who they can trust, open their heart to and treat as the most important person. They easily forgive, they avoid conflicts, but if the fights happen โ€“ handle them well, always try to be polite and nice to everyone.

Vietnamese girls seem to be quiet

Very talkative and extraverted girls in Vietnam exist of course, but most girls are quiet and humble. They donโ€™t bring up topics for talking (unless theyโ€™re texting), seem to be shy and timid. But once they open up, theyโ€™re going to be bolder to talk, share their thoughts and ideas. If you want to have enjoyable conversations with Vietnamese girls, first, gain their trust and be patient.


Why do Vietnamese girls look for husbands abroad?

In many countries, the main reason why women become mail order brides is that thereโ€™s a shortage of men. Vietnam is a whole different story. There are more men than women of marriageable age 25-54 (slightly over 22 thousand males and 21,7 thousand females as of 2018). The situation is the same even for younger people 18-25. It seems that Vietnam women have no visible reasons for becoming mail order brides. But there are.

  1. Vietnamese brides want men with a different mindset. As we have said, Vietnam is a country with strong patriarchal beliefs. Vietnamese wives are expected to be submissive and family-family-oriented (to the extent that they should give up on their ambitions). Vietnam girls want men who would truly love them and care about them but not only expect them to be housewives. Thatโ€™s why they choose foreigners over fellow men.
  2. They want a better life for their children. Vietnam is a socialist country, and there are limitations for development when compared to capitalist economies. So to establish a happy life for their future children, Vietnamese girls seek Western husbands.
  3. Vietnamese girls donโ€™t want to follow traditions but the heart. In Vietnam, for a girl, itโ€™s very difficult to marry a guy from different social status. If heโ€™s poorer or comes from a complicated family, most likely girlsโ€™ parents will reject the marriage. But when it comes to foreigners, Vietnam brides can do anything they want โ€“ their parents wouldnโ€™t mind most often. Therefore, for Vietnamese girls, itโ€™s easier to follow their heart when there are no restrictions over their choice.

What makes Vietnam brides desirable wives?

  • They are very caring, supportive and understandable โ€“ a Vietnamese wife will always listen to your concerns and provide you with wise advice.
  • They are very sensual, even though it might not be visible at the start.
  • They look innocent, but when it comes to the bedroom, theyโ€™re wild.
  • Vietnamese women are great cooks.
  • They love children and look forward to having them.
  • Vietnamese girls follow a simple lifestyle and are good at handling family budget.
  • They are cute, so if you marry a Vietnam bride, you will have the greatest partner for cuddling and hugging!

How to date a Vietnamese girl?

Vietnamese girls are tender and vulnerable, so require a special approach in dating. You canโ€™t invite her on the first date straight away, you canโ€™t start talking to her about sex at any moment. Follow these tips to succeed in wooing a Vietnam mail order bride:

  1. Give her time. Vietnamese girls are nice, but not as easy-going as their Western counterparts. They need time to get used to you and get to know you. If you invite her on a date, make sure itโ€™s on neutral territory like a cafe (she wonโ€™t come to a bar or a non-crowded place).
  2. Treat her like a princess. Vietnamese girls get a lot of attention from their fellows because there are fewer marriageable women in Vietnam than men. Donโ€™t think that if you are from the US or the UK, Vietnam girls will always chase after you. You need to prove that youโ€™re worth their attention and can treat them better than their fellows. Be a gentleman.
  3. Respect her parents and her country. First, whether you like her parents or not, you will have to interact with them in the future, should you continue the relationship. You will have to ask their permission anyway, so treat them appropriately. Second, Vietnamese girls are usually patriotic, so donโ€™t hurt their feelings.

Hereโ€™s why your life with a Vietnam wife will be fun

  • You will always be at peace because your Vietnamese wife will heal you with her calming superpowers;
  • You will be feasted with spring and summer rolls, famous soup pho and you will even fall in love with fish sauce (yes, you will, even if you donโ€™t like it now);
  • You will be surrounded by romance โ€“ Vietnamese women are very affectionate and creative when it comes to relationships;
  • You will get used to her straightforward communication style โ€“ Vietnamese people talk straight;
  • Your Vietnam wife will love your family like her own;

And yes, you will become an honorable member of her family too!


Top myths about Vietnam brides deflated

Letโ€™s put an end to annoying myths about some of the best wives on earth โ€“ Vietnam mail order brides!

Myth #1. Vietnamese brides are submissive

No, they are not. Vietnam girls are humble, quiet, and very decent. But this isnโ€™t the same as submissive. They have their opinion on everything, and depending on the situation โ€“ are willing or not to express it. Moreover, they are always ready to advise their boyfriends and husbands on many things โ€“ Viet women are very well educated, they hold one or even two degrees. Even though they grew up in a patriarchal society, they will never behave as inferior to men. Vietnamese mail order brides have their dignity and seek respect.

Myth #2. Vietnamese girls are boring

Because these ladies tend to be quiet and shy, many Western men assume they are nothing but boring. It is not true. If you try talking to a Vietnam bride, you will realize what an interesting personality she is. These girls donโ€™t brag about themselves, they are very good interlocutors. Be patient, and a Viet mail order bride will open up to you.

Myth #3. Vietnamese women are less beautiful than other Asian brides

This is wrong. Beauty isnโ€™t something objective that you can judge and rank โ€“ all women, including all Asian mail order women, are beautiful. Yes, they have different features, but different men have different tastes as well. If someone doesnโ€™t like Vietnamese type and told you that all Vietnam mail order brides arenโ€™t attractive, donโ€™t listen to them. Explore on your own!


How to find a Viet mail order bride?

The easiest and cheapest way to find a Vietnamese woman for marriage is through a Vietnam mail order bride site. Of course, you can try visiting Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, but the time and experience tell that online is much more productive. Hereโ€™s how to find a Vietnamese mail order bride:

  1. Register on a few respected Vietnam mail order bride sites;
  2. Approach as many girls as you can;
  3. Try various communication tools on a mail order bride site to impress the Vietnamese girl you like (they love social media, by the way);
  4. Send her flowers and gifts if the Vietnam mail order bride sit has such an option;
  5. Meet her offline in her country or nearby (you canโ€™t marry a girl before getting to know her really well);
  6. Ask her parents for marriage permission, if you treated them with respect, they should give you green light.


Vietnamese mail order brides are the great choice for men who seek a calm, peaceful, tender and wise wife. These ladies are extremely pretty, childish in nature, love having fun but at the same time are capable of making decisions for their life and their family. Interested? Choose the best Vietnamese mail order bride site and start your searches now!

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