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Dating a Latin American mail order bride: Your personal guide

Dating a Latin American mail order bride: Your personal guide

What to do to get a Latin mail-order bride? What is the pricing to obtain one? Is it expensive? Here are the answers. Just keep reading!

How much do Latin mail order brides cost

Letโ€™s be clear from the very beginning โ€“ there is no right answer. It is impossible to define how much getting a mail order bride cost. See, there are a lot of marriage agencies, services, and options. All they cost differently. Another fact โ€“ itโ€™s unknown what you are going to choose. So the figures and prices that you will find are below are average.

But they will surely help you get things going and have a better image of an online dating world. The prices in this article are divided into logical groups to make it easier for you to find your way around it. Letโ€™s begin.

Agency fees

Mail-order bride sites do not usually charge for registration. But after you have created a profile and explored with girlsโ€™ pages, you need to buy the so-called โ€œcredits.โ€ Latin women online dating requires communication through emails, chats, phone, and more. Prices vary depending on the agency and its popularity, database, and security system.

For example, membership may cost from $80 to $500 on average. Then you can pay extra for the services you want to have โ€“ sending letters for $5-10 each or phone calls for $7-25 per minute. Video calls are more expensive โ€“ $10-40. Generally, the more you pay, the more features youโ€™re going to get.

Another pretty costly part in dating mail order brides from Latin America is translation services. For instance, phone call interpretation is $5-9 per minute. If you decide to get married to a girl, you will need to get some paperwork done. About $300 will have to be spent on the services of a translator.

Take into account that many sites give discounts for buying credits in bulk. Thus, the more of them you purchase, the less money you spend.


Flowers and gifts for Latin mail order brides

You also buy all the presents for credits. The prices may be different. On average, flowers cost 500-700 credits. Add a bottle of wine to a bunch of nice roses, and youโ€™ll have to pay 600-900 credits. A box of chocolates on top of that will cost you 1000-1500 credits.

As the prices are not the same on all online dating sites, this is again just the approximate cost. For example, $50-150 for a bunch of flowers.

Travel expenses

When you are close enough with a girl and decide to arrange an offline date, you will inevitably spend money on travel. They include airfare, hotels or apartments, food, guides, interpreters, and other services. Depending on where you are going to go, the total travel cost may vary. Airfare โ€“ $500-1500, accommodation โ€“ 50-300 per night, and food โ€“ $300-600 or more. You can expect to pay about $8 โ€“ $20 per hour for the services of interpreters.

Tips on how to save money

You need to be very careful when it comes to payments for the services Latin dating sites. Never hurry and analyze the information first. You need to compare sites and their prices for the same services. But be aware that cheaper does not necessarily mean better.

Watch out for scammers. Try to avoid free dating websites as they are often filled with the most frauds. Check the security system. Read the siteโ€™s policy. And finally โ€“ get acquainted with the information on refunding.


So, how much does a mail-order bride cost? If to sum up all expenses, like payments for the agencyโ€™s services and more, then the price can be around $10 000-30 000. You need to take into account everything you are going to or not going to pay for. Then the price can be smaller or, on the opposite, bigger. The best way to calculate is to learn the costs on the mail order bride site you are going to use. And then to sum up the services you want to buy.

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