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Guide to online dating for guys: Best tips to get a mail order bride

Guide to online dating for guys: Best tips to get a mail order bride

Nine tips for guys to succeed in online dating

Tip 1: Create a nice, interesting profile

The first dating tip for men โ€“ make sure your profile is really good. Your personal page on a dating platform is of extreme importance as it is the first thing a woman learns about you. It is something that creates the first impression. Make sure you represent yourself well. Share your interests, hobbies, plans, and preferences. Try to make clear what kind of person you are and why you have registered your profile.

If you want your essay to be read, keep it short, positive, and meaningful. Thus, a woman who will get acquainted with your profile will have a better picture of you. It will be easier to understand if you are a good match. It will also save time for both of you if you do not suit each other.

Tip 2: Upload nice, good-quality photos

Photos matter when it comes to communication on online dating websites. People tend to judge a book by its cover first. Do not upload too many pictures. A few shots will work. Choose both full-body and face pictures. Find the photos where you smile and look nice.

Do not upload pictures where you are among a group of friends. It would be difficult to figure out which one is you. One more thing โ€“ choose only new photos, not the ones you took 5 or 10 years ago.

Tip 3: Define what kind of woman you are looking for

Another important online dating tip for guys โ€“ think what girl you want. Usually, the database of profiles on online dating platforms is enormous. You can meet different girls from many countries. The choice is so huge that it is easy to get lost or get confused. That is why it is recommended to define your preferences. Think of nationality, age, and marital or parental status of a girl you want to meet. You may even narrow your choice by some physical characteristics like eye color, height, and so on. It might help to make your search more effective.

Tip 4: Mind what you write in your first message

Your profile may tell a lot about you, but it is even more important what you say when you get acquainted with a lady. Thus, another online dating tip for men โ€“ think about how you greet a girl. It should not be โ€œHi.โ€ Make it more personal by using a girlโ€™s name. Also, never copy and paste messages. It is usually obvious and never attracts girls.

Besides, make your message pretty short, flirty, but appropriate. Show that you are interested in a girl and do not mind communicating with her. It should be light but attractive for a recipient.


Tip 5: Negativity is your enemy

Online dating services were created as a place of love, fun, and joy. But not as a source for hate! Remember โ€“ nobody likes grumbling and always complaining people. Stay positive. Talk about something nice. Something that can put a girl in a good mood and prove you are a confident and strong man, not a constant complainer.

Tip 6: Do not be greedy

No girl likes mean men who count every penny. Girls love to be treated as queens. Give her presents and send her flowers. It should not necessarily be something costly. Show that you care. Give her your attention.

Mind the important dates and give her gifts to celebrate. Every lady will appreciate such gestures and will certainly give something back.

Tip 7: Never act superior

Online dating should be beneficial for all participants. It means that both men and women get something they are looking for. Do not think that if you have something to offer to a girl, then you can act superior. Never treat her like she owes you. Equality is key to a successful relationship โ€“ that is one of the best online dating advice for men.

Tip 8: Be persistent

It wonโ€™t work if a girl sees you are a guy who is not sure what he wants. You need to show you have serious intentions if that is what a girl is searching for. Rescheduling and finding excuses are bad signs for a lady that seeks relations with a mature man.

Tip 9: Invite her to a real offline date

If you are still not sure how to succeed at online dating, try to meet offline! Your relationship cannot always exist only in the networks. It should run into real, face-to-face communication. Ask her out when the time is appropriate for both of you and until it is not too late. Any girl will feel it if you play games with her and are not serious about your relationship.


If you follow the tips listed above, then you are doomed to success. Online dating is not difficult at all! Just make sure you follow some pretty obvious rules. Then you will certainly meet the right girl you can build a relationship with.

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